Biosophics Anonymous Step #1: Admitting You Have Problem

One of the largest and most troublesome issues facing modern life and the future of the species may very well be the mind itself. More than just a brain, the mind is also our output. What we say, how we behave, and the way we interpret the world around us. This has led to the failing of police systems, the joke of a government possessed here in the United States, and the problems of inequality and bigotry. How to change the world has always been a huge question of mine, which I believe needs an answer. So to further that goal, I have had an idea.Read More »



If you were unaware that a massive portion of everyone who lives to an adult age is molested, sexually assaulted, or raped, you haven’t been listening to your friends, music, or media. You haven’t really looked at art or empathized with the artists. I was. Wrote about it a few years ago. Nobody commented, or seemed to even notice that part of my memoir series. Read More »

Immorally Integral

A mind is a terrible thing—to underestimate.  And, from the beginning of recorded history man has used one primary mechanism to make this mistake. We call it philosophy. A recent internet meme popped through my featuring four words: Philosophy, Theology, Metaphysics, and Science.  The meme used a “searching for a black cat in a dark room” analogue to highlight why the first three are flawed ways of seeking information, leaving science the sole winner in this comparison of thought. I happen to agree.  There was only one comment, that I saw anyway, successfully linking one methodology to Science, and it was philosophy.Read More »

How to Start: The First Lesson

A new venue for more helping and writing.

Meditative Solutions: Determined to Change

Deciding to start a mindfulness meditation practice is one of the hardest things to do for most western thinkers. This isn’t based because of some deficiency though. The reason is quite simple in my opinion: the principles of mindfulness don’t lend themselves to financial gain easily. One must contrive a way to “sell” it, which once it is learned, it grows naturally in the environment of our minds. Once we dedicate ourselves to its effects, it is no longer a commodity, but rather a resource that we all already have in abundance. At the conclusion of this piece will be my first DIY method of beginning a practice. Please feel free to comment and ask questions of me, as I wish for nothing more than to interact with those seeking help in this way.

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Stop Wondering. Start Knowing. 

Change begins within, we can all be determined to change.


Knowledge is everywhere. In this day and age anything in the world you don’t know about can be accessed at some level.

If I wonder “why?” about something, it means I don’t understand. And I wonder why all of the time! The difference between myself and most people though, is that I take the time to find out answers and learn facts.

I have a question come to me, search for info from credible sources (always more than one!), and inevitably get drawn sideways having to learn what a word means, or to locate a place on a map or an organ in my body or define a term I’ve never heard. (I call this going down a wormhole.) In a lot of these situations I have to collect pieces of data to even begin answering my original question, get a baseline of knowledge I don’t have to even begin…

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Muzzle That Bitch

All this fierce debate, social media turmoil, and protest have the United States and the world on the edge of their seats. Everyone suddenly has a learned and fierce opinion on politics. When I say everyone, I mean those who didn’t previously have their opinions pinned to the top of a page or as a profile picture. Conservatives, liberals, anarchists, introverts and extroverts alike, all have many words, pictures (“memes”), and articles to contribute to the current civil scene. This is not intrinsically a bad thing. In many ways, the country I live in is now at its most divided and resolute I have ever observed. Information is coming more readily from peers than from the media for the first time in my life. Yet, there are the remaining issues which the US now faces head on, but I’m only going to address one of those—misogyny, or perhaps “male privilege” is a better word, so let’s go with that.Read More »

Deconstructing Happiness: In The Beginning

Decon HappyWe are all familiar with an ideal intrinsic to the nation’s identity, “the pursuit of happiness.” Since this phrase, coined by John Locke1, became popularized in the late 18th century, its become something the US culture has deemed a right. Even when the pursuit of happiness seems unachievable, there is a notion that you should keep seeking it. This is represented in media and marketing at a rampant rate. Try entering “Happiness” to any search engine for books, you will be assaulted with thousands upon thousands of titles. I tried it with Amazon, as of today 233,832 results come up in the 3.5 seconds it took for the screen to populate.
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