A Letter From Tyrone

Rare it is, in this “the modern era,” that one receives correspondence via the mail, like we used to.  I knew something was up the moment I saw the envelope facing down in our black, plastic mailbox.  My anticipation only grew when I noticed the familiar left-handed penmanship that has come to mark a message from my father used on my mailing address.  The envelope had the customized and accustomed return address label, but just above that, in red ink, “Pops.”  This must be serious, he is referring to himself in the nicknamed third person.  As it happens, my intuition proved true.  This would be a very serious letter.Read More »


A Religious Illness

Are the religious fundamentalists of our time and throughout recorded history ill?  Research conducted over the last few decades may suggest as much.  It is well documented that religious fundamentalism is often used by violent criminals, societies, and abusive individuals as the motivation to behave in socially detrimental ways.  Whether the example is of Deanna Laney, who killed two of her children by bludgeoning them to death with a rock, or of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik of the San Bernardino shootings in early December last year, the high cost of violent and abusive behavior seemingly motivated by a deep-rooted religious belief is, at this juncture, historical.Read More »

Does Anybody Really Believe in Free Will Anymore

Working on a book about facts is something that has me concerned. “Facts” are one of those terms that everyone “knows,” but as soon as one tries to pin down some “facts” which fly in the face of a deeply held opinion, many will look to subjective interpretation of data. The fact-line becomes blurred during these times. In my opinion, no subject seems to fall prey to this more than the worlds of philosophy and neuroscience concerning the issue of free-will. Before you bolt to close this window, know that I had planned to write a “Quotes Revealed” entry, but when I went looking for Biblical quotes about human having free-will, I came up empty—and I mean empty. Read More »

Christian Universalism Can’t Cover Everything

178173_460360677336163_1457032881_oI suppose, one learns something every day.  I consider this an effective figure of speech, as the human brain is designed (after the fish and reptile parts) to take information and assimilate it into usable snapshots, a.k.a. factoids.  On the night of Thursday, Nov. 1 2012, the day before I would turn thirty-four, I attended a lecture presented by the Religious Studies department on the University of Arkansas campus, room four-o-three of Walker Hall, better known as the science and engineering building. The theological nature of the lecture struck me as wonderfully coincidental, as it was in the very same classroom I took “Introduction to Philosophy” my freshman year. The speaker of the lecture was Dr. Eric Reitan, a professor of Philosophy at Oklahoma State University.  The lectures title, “No Hell? Considering 10 Objections to Christian Universalism.”  This being a foreign concept to me before the night began, and as an over-anxious researcher, I found myself the first person to approach the room. The silent enthusiasm for the political science lecture still in session radiated through the door.  Read More »

The Identity Trap

The Identity TrapIn the beginning, God makes man and woman. Allowing them to hang out in the garden and experience life without knowledge of themselves. Once this plan fails, a surprising common occurrence considering he already knows everything, God changes the future of his freshly crafted biology with more than a little anger in his message and punishments for disobedience: Read More »

This Is a Call To My Christian Cohort

See, I’m not scared to quote this book.  This is a great passage for the times from the second most famous book in the Pentateuch.

I am an openly antitheistic person.  This means my writings and social media agenda is to bring data and evidence to reveal the superstitions we call religions, are likely harmful.  It is also the stance theology isn’t a science, rather it seems to be propaganda through rationalization.  I will debate and expose, research and write about this mission until my mind and fingers cease. 

Yet, I beg, “Parlay!”  Read More »

Morning Meditations #108: An Independent Voting Blue

MM 108There are thousands of years of history that will empirically prove that the common person has had almost no say in government. Yes, you should participate if you are fortunate enough to be born in a society where that is allowed, but unless you are willing to be arrested right now, at work or home, grocery store or bus for the change you seek, and even then your voice means next to nothing in the design of the ruling class—unless you are the ruling class. Are you?Read More »

Morning Meditations: #106: The Meditating Atheist Yoga Greenhorn

MM 106
Just so we are clear.  I am not this good, yet.  Working on it.

I haven’t spoken about my meditation or yoga practices in a long time. Haven’t been the most diligent writer either. Most of this is due to a heavy research phase, and reading the books of people I admire has been a great joy this year. What has been learned is nothing short of life changing. But a great research period should change you. Otherwise, you might be doing the wrong type of research. Still, this doesn’t excuse the lack of communication with my Gentle Readers, and for that I apologize. With that, it might be time to spend the next several posts on what makes this blog interesting, the meditating-atheist yoga-greenhorn. Read More »

Morning Meditations #101: Taking Control of Your Spirituality

MM 101 AAfter a long meditation this morning I decided whether or not to write about the recent religious violence. I imagine many people wish, or at least expect, me to rail on the Orlando shooting at some point. This is not going to happen, as many of my colleagues† have already done this at length. The voice is loud and most of you, my Gentle Readers, know I have been expressing the evidence that religiousness is mental pathology for years now. No, today I will stick to my guns. Of course, the internet has made easily available the flood of crazy extremists that will now descend on the public with righteousness. After all, there is only one rule to socially acceptable behavior: everyone is doing it, so can you. Read More »

Morning Meditations #97: The New Philisophitroll

MM 97 A

For those of you that are unaware, I am chief and contributing editor for The Free Thinking Press.com, and yesterday, I published my fifth edition ofQuotes Revealed.” The inspiration came from a personal message by a cat who attempted to bible-thump me. This is the first attempt of scriptural assault in quite a while, and I admit I have continued to comment back at this trollish creature. Typical hypocrisy and contradiction one inevitably finds in the religious of the world prevail in this unfortunate individual. So how does this apply to MM?Read More »