OYRH #4: Early Descisions

12966275_10206758573386865_1095357975_nSo much is going on in the world of religious celebration, I figured I’d wax philosophical for a moment on the most important factor I have observed in this early stage—decision. It is totally inevitable when trying step back, breathing in the scope of religion; because it is daunting. If one has never really studied religion, they most likely think there are a ridiculous amount of religions, sects of those religions, and various schools of philosophies attached to any one of them. After just a couple weeks into this project, I, who has studied religion at a pretty high clip for the better part of a decade now, am feeling near uncontrollable awe at the vastness of the term “religion”. In regards to OYRH, this represents directly in the form of decision making.

Every calendar I come across is a little different. From Jewish calendar to calendar, Hindu, Baptist, Sikh, Jain, Zoroastrian, you name it, they agree on about half of what they say. I couldn’t pin down sixty-plus percent of Holidays with multiple street teams researching in every country. Because, it comes quite clear after only a few days of research I will have to choose between sects and when, happily celebrating a holiday twice in that makes sense, but I have a caveat. If the choice is between a holiday I have already celebrated and the opportunity to celebrate something new, I have to go with something new. Read More »


OYRH #3: After Annunciation

Transmutation eluded any crackers or grape juice yesterday, but I did feast, and I did do some filming of me reading the “Solemnity of the Annunciation to the Lord”. And yes, I read it out loud, in my backyard, with the Catholic neighbors watchin’. I heard the backdoor close at about the,

Sacrifice and offering you did not desire but a body you prepared for me; in holocausts and sin offerings you took no delight.  Then I said, ‘As is written of me in the scroll, behold, I come to do your will, O God.’ (Hebrews 10: 4-10)

12939380_10206747555151416_1807142039_nFather Vinson in action!

I hope I didn’t offend the Sutton brothers, but if I did, I do hope they will forgive me.

Today is filled with more research and design. If the rest of the week maintains a high level of productivity, I will be able to start reaching out to for event planning very soon. I feel I need another three months of calender building before I pull the trigger on contacting folks. I would have six months of options at that point. I want the whole year, but I am less then a week into the project and already things are moving forward at a rapid pace, as there are multiple holidays on Thursday. And Hindu new year begins seven to eight days following that depending on whether you are celebrating as a Punjab, Assam, or Bengal. There are more sects of Hinduism than that, obviously. But some, like the Sikkim, celebrate with the Tibetan calendar. Bengal is most familiar to me, and we have all read The Namesake. I will be researching all of them and its likely I will get to celebrate more than one of them anyways.

I would also like to take this time to say thanks to everyone who is starting to get on board with this project. I know it is a weird one, but I hope everyone is finding the knowledge interesting. I invite you all to use this stuff as a springboard to your own research and discoveries. I have not seen any gods yet, but I am learning and educating (Perry didn’t know what “Annunciation” was until last night, so there). Which, even many of the religious would agree, is likely far more valuable than meeting any one particular god.

These blogs haven’t seen much traffic yet, but I want to continue to reach out and suggest that anyone with questions of suggestions please, please, please, please contact me and hit me up. Comments or advice, holidays and observations need to be coming at me; I have calender days to fill and will need help. Holla!

OYRH #2: Annunciations are Everywhere

12966473_10206739094219898_1806336930_nI am still working on the calendar, but I want it to represent well, so when it is done, you, Gentle Reader, will be the first to know. I admit it is more difficult than I assumed to really pin down what a religious holiday is exactly. The image above is of all the saints which have a feast day today and the few days around this one.  Not that the challenge is unexpected, yet perhaps the definition requires more decision making than one would think. For example, some Catholic churches are celebrating The Feast Annunciation tonight with a special mass, but some churches, such as The Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox (apparently an outcast and excommunicated sect of Catholicism, freaky), celebrate it this Thursday. What is one to do? Considering all, I think that choices like this are best made with the calendar being my primary focus. Or put a different way, always choose a primary holiday when available, but if I am able to make choices to celebrate as many days as possible, I must make that choice. Read More »

OYRH #1: April 2nd, My Home’s First Synagogue


OYRH 1The second of April didn’t have any religious holidays for me to officially kick off the project with, but I was able to get into the spirit via a Jewish observation. Something I had been unaware of is that the Jewish calendar is astrologically built and doesn’t follow the Gregorian way of keeping dates at all. So, the Hebrew date is the 23rd of Adar Beit (pronounced “bet”). The second word is like “II”, only applicable during a leap year. Of course citizens will use appropriate calendars for commerce, but the observations and holidays march to the beat of their own drum. “Halleluhu Betoff Umachol1Read More »