Stop Wondering. Start Knowing. 

Change begins within, we can all be determined to change.


Knowledge is everywhere. In this day and age anything in the world you don’t know about can be accessed at some level.

If I wonder “why?” about something, it means I don’t understand. And I wonder why all of the time! The difference between myself and most people though, is that I take the time to find out answers and learn facts.

I have a question come to me, search for info from credible sources (always more than one!), and inevitably get drawn sideways having to learn what a word means, or to locate a place on a map or an organ in my body or define a term I’ve never heard. (I call this going down a wormhole.) In a lot of these situations I have to collect pieces of data to even begin answering my original question, get a baseline of knowledge I don’t have to even begin…

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