Morning Meditations #129: Nesting Early

When one is forced into a new living situation, I believe it is important to nest early. What I mean by that specifically is to gather and begin setting up the things which make individuals feel the most like themselves. For me, it is a few decorations, office space, and my books. And after several days of lifting and shifting, things are finally coming together.

Here are a few of the specs.

I got 80% of the wood pile moved. Most of my audience knows well of my small-fire and wood chopping addictions, and the logs I had just harvested were not the last thing I moved. I have already started cutting and chopping a little. Mostly for ceremony so far, but also, I am addicted. During my first “house warming(?)” gathering, The Songwriters Circle host and local vocal artist, Amanda Rey, brought me a little metal fire pit, so that I don’t get in trouble for having a fire pit in the ground, which I heard is possible here in The Fork. So wood, saw, and pit: check.

Another mission I have completed is the measuring of my circumambulation path for walking meditation. The confines of the yard have restricted my dimensions to a 12 yard diameter. I have calculated that it will take 409 times around the path to equal a mile; don’t think I’ll be keeping track. Fascinating though. I only have it staked off right now, because the 11 times I have been around it haven’t exactly cut a trail. When it looks a little more like a path and not bamboo stakes in the ground, I’ll photograph it. In the center of the circle-path I have more big plans, as this is where the garden will go.

The problem with moving at the end of spring is that it’s a little late to start a garden, but we had lots of plants in portables so they have all come with. They, plus my wood splitting zone, will occupy the center while I continue to walk to the inside of the stakes, cutting the meditation path. I have big plans for garden arrangement, but that work will have to be spaced out over the summer, hopefully ready for fall planting. Those are the larger projects which have already begun.

Like I mentioned first, we nested pretty quickly. My bookshelves are filling back up as I organize them and place them (new bookshelf will need to be built-in the living room). Ivy’s room is a headboard and a few posters away from being done, and my decorations have started to appear here and there on the walls. I am obviously able to publish vids and writing, so we know the office stuff is coming together except for my office supplies which are still in the moving container. There are also some repairs and minor alterations to come.

The back deck needs to be resurfaced, as it has become dangerous in my opinion. There is an old, collapsed metal shed in the backyard that needs to be disassembled and re-purposed. Pretty sure it will be turned into the woodpile base and, potentially, some garden boarders and props. I can’t wait to start those projects, but I am a patient ape.

That’s the update. We are rolling now, so there’s no stopping us.

I have never done a preview or “next on…” bit during an MM, but today I am, so there.

Next edition of MM, I plan on sharing some thoughts on what it will be like to be the another village anti-theist here in West Fork. I already have an analogue in a former writing colleague, Nikki Marie Yates, and I hope I can get a few thoughts from her about it before publishing. Until then, mirror up and let it go.

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