Roger Severino: Transexual Abolitionist


severino“There is nothing in the text, structure, or history of the Constitution that elevates transgender people to a protected class akin to race.”  Roger Severino

The newest Director of the Office of Civil Rights does not believe transexual people should exist, legally speaking. He has even gone as far aslaying out the steps Congress would need to take to do so. One word is his lifeline to a transexclusive paradise.


Severino states the word “sex” in the Constitution – specifically in regards to civil rights, education, and the ACA – does not mean “gender identity”. He is “disappointed” with his former colleagues at the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ because they “know very well” when Congress banned discrimination ‘on the basis of sex’ in 1964 and 1972, it did not mean ‘gender identity’ it simply means “a label a person isassigned…

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