There is No Such Thing as Straight

CoverIn the gulf of dark times it is ever increasingly important to be the light for one another. As culture increases in complexity, the very dangers of claiming a culture become more numerous, and it seems to this humble author that it is about to tear two of the fundamental philosophies of the modern era into shreds—what dangers lie in feminism and equality’s future?

This has come to my attention because of a recent local event, well, or lack there of, really. The Goddess Festival was to begin on March, 23rd. This had been billed as a series of workshops and classes meant to empower women, continuing to open doors for women everywhere to continue the relentless quest for equality. Yet, an old problem, and one of the most regrettable, comes from the predictability of psychology and neuroscience text books.

The return of segregation, segregation from two “groups” that I was too short-sighted to notice until now, when I worry that it’s too late.

Just to reiterate, the Goddess Festival has stumbled into an immoral position. The inTRANSitive Facebook page reported just a few days before the festival would kick off,

“The OMNI center is hosting the Goddess Festival “Lesbians Rise Up!” Event which excludes Trans Women by using transphobic language in their advertisement.

inTRANSitive has personally reached out to both – an organizer of the Goddess Festival and the Executive Director of OMNI Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology Gladys Tiffany who has also refused to take a stance for the Trans Community.

Allowing a transphobic event to be held at a center for peace and justice negates the fact of peace and justice. For those reasons, OMNI is not a safe place for Trans people. Join us Thursday, March 23rd with signs in support of Trans Women. Join us in rejecting trans exclusive feminism.”

This put me right into the cross-hairs of a new term, “TERF,” or Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. This is pretty self-explanatory, a word for describing the philosophical belief by some “radical feminists” that Trans-Women cannot be, should not be, and must be dealt with before the titles of “feminism,” “woman,” and “lesbian” are being diminished and destroyed by Trans-Women reflected in this description of the book “Female Erasure:” “celebrate female embodiment while exploring deeper issues of misogyny, violence, and sexism disguised today as progressive politics.

These perspectives come at a time when gender identity politics and profits from an emerging medical transgenderism industry for children, teens, and adults inhibit our ability to have meaningful discussions about sex, gender, changing laws that have provided sex-based protections for women and girls, and the re-framing of language referring to females as a distinct biological class.”

Besides the lack of intrinsic necessity for something called “sex-based protections,” which I can only assume is an example of the institutional “misogyny, violence, and sexism” referred to by the book’s description, “a distinct biological class” creates a form of classicism, which lends itself to all types of other discriminating environments—rich or poor, girl or boy, adult or child, etc. This stems from the role of classicism to put one group more powerful than the others; while there can be some equality, classicism suggest that some groups should be superior to others, aka. Segregation.

So, some branches of feminism have gone full circle, rather than embracing the equality so much has already been sacrificed for, they have instead embraced segregation.

So, when there is disconnection and walls are being built, there is only one thing an active socialite can do; it’s time to start some social movements. This will take the form of me no longer referring to anyone by sexual preference, nor will I be considering choice of sexual partners as connected to gender or gender roles. I was privy to another citizen, upset about this division in the once powerful feminism. She wrote, “I don’t know what is happening when my actual LBGQ friends exclude Trans women and men. Who the actual fuck are you to decide anything for anyone else that’s also a minority at this point in the game? Trans women are not women? Pff. How about this? There’s no such thing as a “Lesbian.’”

It would seem that there is only one community, the SLGBTQ (straight-lesbian-gay-bi-trans-queer, that’s right, I put “straight” first, equality, right?) community. We can get rid of terms like “radical feminism” and “institutional misogyny.” We can regain our decency by letting go of our Hominidae instincts to obsess about strangers’ gentiles or consensual intimacy. I am.

I am no longer going to consider myself straight, I make love to and love other human beings. This is as far as my role as a citizen needs to travel down a path of sexual segregation. In my world, you cannot be bi or lesbian, those are unhealthy non sequitur. Words that attempt to confine and define my personality, the personality of my loved ones, and indeed, the path of my entire life. Is that respect? Is that equality? You know the answer, and you also know the answer is an immoral conclusion.

This being said, the attempt to segregate any of my fellow citizens on account of body type or sexual preference will unfortunately grow another movement I joined and support—“TERFWAR.” This is a growing group of people who are rejecting the notion that they need to be defined and marginalized for ancient and often barbaric goals. Our goal will be to make sure that if you are defining yourself or others by your sexual preference, then you are falling prey to radical discriminatory minds. We are here to help. We want to talk to others who’s life has been controlled, hurt, or otherwise affected unhealthily by this primate-like need to gentile sniff.

In other words, if you can’t help but see lesbian, gay, and queer as respect limiting personality flaws, you will be challenged. Do not refer to me as straight, and I will not consider transgenderism, lesbianism, or any other sexual preference, as character defining qualities. If you have issues with that, prepare for #terfwar!


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