Morning Meditations #125: Into the Limelight, Again

mm-125Hello again.

This is one of the longest writing breaks I’ve taken in several years.  A number of reasons could be given: finishing up the last semester, a new relationship, and the holidays are all potential reasons.  Maybe I’ve also been blocked.  But, as I haven’t really sought a writing outlet recently, I don’t think the term blocked applies.  Perhaps there has been a lack of inspiration.  It seems unlikely.  There was this whole presidential election thing and now, with tons of moral issues that could be addressed, I might ought to be very vocal concerning the new president-elect and his coming moves.  I mean, I think it’s silly, Donald Trump as prez, but I admit that isn’t enough, in and of itself, to drive me to the keyboard daily. 

Maybe it should be. 


To tell the truth, I don’t really know, or care, why I’ve turned away from the keyboard for a period.  Expanding artistic abilities via video editing for The Songwriters Circles (TSC) and Capture Crew (CC), as well, I have been woodshedding with my writing goals.  I do still have those.

I want to finish a novel; I love writing articles and essays; and I still love my research and reading as much as I ever have, maybe more so with improved research and data collection techniques.  There is also my writing challenge of 1000 words a day, which the required writing hasn’t been met in a month or more.  So why today?  Why this morning?

Well, I imagine it’s because I have made a few choices about how to proceed. 

See, it is an exciting time.  I have many current projects and some more lurking in the coming weeks and months.  And quite fucking frankly, I want to talk about them.  So, schau, hier ist meine Geist.

The first thing to mention is the success of The Songwriters Circles.  We are now airing the videos I produce on Fayetteville Public Access Television (FPTV) and our YouTube channel.  The talent and diversity of musician I am exposed to on the second Sunday of every month is one of my music career’s greatest gifts thus far.  Secondly, there will be a podcast to accompany TSC in the future incorporating the interviews and questions captured over the last 15+ months.  Some of my favorite local artists will be featured mixed with some folks that I had never heard of, so it’s likely you haven’t either. 

Along this vein, I will be hosting two more forthcoming podcasts. 

One is based on some of my work investigating the process of band creation and the various rehearsal spaces, practice rooms, and studios.  Similarly to TSC podcasts, the variety of musicians I am being exposed to is astounding and profound.  The third podcast is with the co-founder of The Free Thinking Press (TFTP).  That show is very different, as it will focus on philosophy, politics, and some current events.  Needless to say, the current political climate will make it very easy to find subjects for that production.  Recording these via the resources of Out of the Womb Productions and my long-time partner in studio crime is also a great confidence booster in these new ventures. 

I am a natural entertainer, and I seem to be entertaining at a rather pleasant rate.  I can’t wait.

Comfortable for me, the limelight. 

So, hopefully, among these coming projects,  I will make good use of my time, and my audience’s.

So, this brings me back to the writing.  I do intend to keep MMs coming on a regular basis.  As well, new articles for and from TFTP are on my itinerary.  Also, I am working with friends on some fiction, fantasy, real D & D type shit.  There is a book of short stories too.  My first book?  I guess even I will get to find out very soon. 

This leads me to my closing thought.

I am so grateful to get to contribute so much of myself to the artist community.  The short break has steeled me to my goals and adventures, and without the support of my audience despite my silence, I may not have come to this juncture.  Thank you, and I promise to keep my wheels turning. 

This is said despite the desire to keep MMs from becoming a “gratitude” blog and with full awareness of the potential ramifications of any audience member thinking there’ll be a bunch more of that coming.  It isn’t so pretty around here.  No, MMs are here to keep it real and to talk about difficult things.  To discuss meditation’s role in providing a daily mirror, or as I like to call it, “playback.” 

I will bring up the things we wish could be left unsaid.  Things we are ashamed of.  Ultimately, things we fear.

Here I go.


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