Morning Meditations #120: The Next 365

MM 120“The Red-Tape-for-Money Blues” could be a song for millions. Not that I mind. As a single parent, I have chosen to be in a lot of state and federal programs to bring in resources. SNAP, Pre-K vouchers, and Arkansas Rehabilitation have all been a part of the strategy. As many of you know, in order to receive services one must have work of some kind. If you are a student, parent, or immigrant there are changes the nature of what someone might have to do or keep track of things during this process. I am an independent artist, as well as a student this year. So there is a lot of red tape to sort through. I’d say I’m at about 80% efficiency since being out of the university world for 15 months, but I believe the rate will increase quickly.

Gratitumonial.” I do this every now and again, and it is time.

Today is MM #120. I feel so lucky to have the type of mind I do. It isn’t that MM’s are special, which I know they are to several people.  No, this is about the number of editions I have been able to write. A couple of nights ago, I was spending some time with the co-founder of The Free Thinking Press, and I referred to an article I read about blogging and marketing. The article said that most blogs die within 100 days. We both smiled at that data as the Press has been running for several months producing dozens of articles.

As good of news as that is, what strikes me most this morning is these MMs, which fall just shy of daily when I am strong, now well over one hundred. This past spring marked the third anniversary of An Arkansas Atheist. 1460 days in April 2017. Writers gotta write, right?

FB reminded me that I released MM #7 a year ago yesterday. So I took the time to review it. Like #7, it was Ivy’s first day of school. And listening to my own suggestion, we had a good hug, but took it in stride. “Act like you’ve been there before” is the advice I give for when something amazing happens. You may appreciate and recall it with a greater quality and feeling than you could when you are freaking out, which is acceptable if a milestone or achievement deserves a good freak-out. Otherwise, it is best to keep cool and say “thank you” to any congratulations. This MM also includes the second entry into a little sub-series I ran entitled, “Something I love about myself is:.” This entry is “2. My clean-shaven face,” as I had only shaved my face for the first time in 22 years several hours earlier. There was dental work being done. Therapy was only a couple of sessions old. And she had officially moved.

So, in the last 365, we have walked through 113 MMs. A journey through heartache and loss, through love and discovery, this has been our journey. I don’t know that I’ve learned much about myself, but I have learned and lived to the best of my ability. I can’t wait for the next 365. Cheers to #226.


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