Body Screams, The Self Must Listen

typewriterSome of you may have noticed a complete internet silence from me over the last 48 hours. For very good reason I assure you. See, I have a few health issues, and one of those happens to be intestinal. Prone to infections, I had an attack that nearly forced me to the hospital. 36 hours of intense abdominal cramps have left me sore to the touch on the left and lower abdomen. I’ve lay in a hospital bed for three days on the surgery ward just waiting to have my guts sliced open. Fortunately, I have avoided the knife thus far, but I’ve been hospitalized twice for this and the last 48 hours have had me in a scare.

Fear not, Gentle Reader, as I have seen a nice turn around. I have been at about 60% of normal activity, which sounds low, but yesterday was more like 20% and extremely painful. Not totally out of the woods, but during times like this, I am glad I make homemade probiotic yogurt. These moments can also be utilized as a motivator to listen to my body, reach for my discipline, and gain the next level of health. Let me explain.

Obviously with gut health, the first and most obvious move is diet. So, no boos or coffee or sodas, light and cool teas, fresh or frozen fruit-yogurt-veggie smoothies, and light meals with rice. This is my first line of defense and is indeed the one that ultimately yields the highest return as far as healing. This is the foundation for the other behavioral needs that must be met when moving towards a personal culture of healing. This is followed by mental preparation.

I think this is a place where people can often differ. Some people likely need to get their body ready to take mental conditioning. I encourage any reader thinking about making similar changes as I am making to explore the physical-first method. Maybe a regiment of exercise will condition a mind via body first. In fact, it could be that someone isn’t aware that they could operate like that and find physical flow at an unexpected rate. Both of these methods have been explored at length with regard to myself. I am a mind first creature. This means elevated meditation levels. Morning and evening meditations of a minimum of 15 minutes. These will take the form of simple visualizations, full-body scans, lovingkindness, and my personal favorite being basic mindfulness. Something about the solitude within my own mind achievable with basic mindfulness technique creates an inequitable peace. I am truly home in long sessions. Yet, I will be using a variety of the these at varied durations per meditation. For myself this creates a Flow environment for taking care of a spiritual and mental issues. For an atheist to touch the spiritual self through a good grasp on the neuroscientific explanations for meditative sensations is truly beautiful—try and show me something more beautiful. That is life being lived.

The third phase is the physical aspect. This would naturally come last in my movement of expressing the art of my person. But, admittedly there is no other choice this time. The physical damage done by this last attack is severe enough to ward off physical stress. My convalescence will not be long-winded. When I return to 100% (what ever that means at this point) I will be pushing myself on the treadmill. Yoga will precede the treadmill. Three times a week there will be weights. My strength workout is a 420 rep workout over about 7 to 10 different exercises. I rotate through a total of 20 different exercises during long workout phases such as the one coming. The changes when it comes to energy levels is the thing that everybody underestimates. They think, oh, but if I work out like that I will be so tired. And that’s true, for a bout two or three weeks, then we break the free the tether of doubt. After that, workouts fire one up like a fucking hot-rail (if you don’t know what that is you have likely had a better life than me sometimes). I’m serious, two months in and the body starts wanting to sprint. Craving

A friend of mind let me borrow a bike too. With a bicycle in my tool belt I am ready. I am bubbly about it really. There is another factor in when I make this move that is the essence of who I am.

Art eruptions are assured. For one, I am, as of tonight, back on full writers challenge alert. 1000 words a day or bust. I don’t care what I am composing: blogs, short story, article, notes, transcriptions, translation, novel. I don’t give a fuck, as long as I write 1k a day. I already have nearly 20k of a novel started, another novel project in the works. Morning Meditations are still going strong at one hundred and ten editions thus far. I made some new templates for composition to test how large pieces are, and possibly how marketable. All of this prepares me for the coming semester as well.

This is a painful illness, but I am going to use it to turn my life upside down and right around.

The last thing I wish to express is I hope all of you are doing well. My loyal and fantastic readers who have been following me for years now. I hope you are all still entertained by my prose. There appears to be quite a bit more on the horizon. I’ll be keeping everyone up to date on yoga pose progress and weight changes I believe are noteworthy—milestone and such. Like this very post is about to show.

1000 words today. Woo-hoo. The first day in a streak of compositional madness making. If anybody wants in on this blitz, just let me know; I’ll write with people on stuff in a heartbeat. Whatever it takes for us to put more words that mean something into the world the better a world we will be making. Prost! Big love, y’all.


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