Morning Meditations #108: An Independent Voting Blue

MM 108There are thousands of years of history that will empirically prove that the common person has had almost no say in government. Yes, you should participate if you are fortunate enough to be born in a society where that is allowed, but unless you are willing to be arrested right now, at work or home, grocery store or bus for the change you seek, and even then your voice means next to nothing in the design of the ruling class—unless you are the ruling class. Are you?

Gentle Reader, I am concerned about the number of would be amazingly compassionate humans that are so caught up in the presidential race that they are being abusive, neglectful, and carrying an overall hateful attitude about the whole business. Someone once said in reference to my behavior, “good people sometimes behave badly,” and we are seeing an unusual lean to political extremism right now. Extremism. Let that sink in.

Some have called me a antithiest extremist; actually that isn’t true. I just came up with it. All those who wish to criticize me may use that at will. But, the sentiment is true, it’s just that nobody has thought to call me that yet. This week I have been called ignorant and vitriolic in regard to religion and spirituality. Neither of which is true according to my internal dialogue, as I was brought up religious and don’t have spite and bitterness for belief in the supernatural any longer. I have been angry in the past, but my current ways of expressing aren’t as such. I am but a voice. I see superstitious belief in spirituality for what it is: just part of the natural course of the evolution of information on this planet, based on biological environments. You know, like every disease known to man is just a natural product of natural selection. I don’t hate HIV, or bi-polar disorder, or polio, or influenza, or schizophrenia, or cancer, or heart-attacks. I, like so many of the scientific community that seek to help afflicted, have genuine compassion for those that suffer from sickness. Similarly, religion and spiritual extremism are like all these physical ailments. I do sometimes suggest others current beliefs are harmful and potentially damaging. If I come off condescending or hateful I suggest engagement and discussion will prove that assessment incorrect. Doctors who hate diseases make mistakes, and philosophers who hate immoral behavior will too.

I invite and urge those who are extremely fired up about this election to realize that the revolution isn’t going to take place in The White House. It never has, and the statistical likelihood that it will in the future is fractional. So why would you insult and speak ill to your fellow citizens? These are the people working next to you, raising families, veterans, and civilians. And something else to consider, and know this is truth, if Bernie were elected, he would kill children with our military too. He would have to make choices that would leave starving children around the globe to be raped and murdered by immoral social environments. Truth. What president hasn’t had to make those choices? The answer will be none. Domestic and abroad. Bernie would fail millions of Americans every fucking year, it is a statistical fact, as presidents don’t have the power to change everything—like they have magic fairy dust twinkling from every orifice.

I am loyal to the leader I chose. I said “Bernie or Bust” too. So, I will follow his lead. That is loyalty to me. My portion of the Democratic process will be to follow the leader I chose. I hope Hillary is a one term president. I invite everyone to keep fighting for the next four years too. I didn’t realize how broken the system was either.

I am angry too.

Bernie knows how bad it is, and I believe in his wisdom. He thinks this will work, so I am with him. I don’t shame anyone for going independent. I understand your anger. But, I hope all who read this to at least consider my position. I believe Bernie loves this country and everyone in it. I will vote for Hillary to at least give us a fighting chance. A vote for Trump or the potentially pro-Trump vote of Green or Independent (and don’t even argue it isn’t even a potential, it is) seems too risky considering all that our country to deal with.  We would let a “Trump” even come close, a.k.a. stand in the way of progress, even on the smallest of scales must surely be immoral.  

I’m with Bernie, which means Hillary, and I believe it is the statistical truth for a more moral society in the future. One and done for a better future.


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