Morning Meditations #97: The New Philisophitroll

MM 97 A

For those of you that are unaware, I am chief and contributing editor for The Free Thinking, and yesterday, I published my fifth edition ofQuotes Revealed.” The inspiration came from a personal message by a cat who attempted to bible-thump me. This is the first attempt of scriptural assault in quite a while, and I admit I have continued to comment back at this trollish creature. Typical hypocrisy and contradiction one inevitably finds in the religious of the world prevail in this unfortunate individual. So how does this apply to MM?

The disconnect with empathy and compassion that comes with religious indoctrination is something I believe needs immediate attention and is the driving force behind my anti-theism. It is appalling, and the effects can affect billions for generations. The easiest example is Mother Teresa, who spread her pathology to millions bringing further death, starvation, and servitude by calling birth control sinful, while getting the posthumous credit for a “miracle.” This very example is enough to drive a person mad with sadness. She is being made a saint for a grown man’s recovery, but isn’t going to be judged for the thousands of sick and starving babies she enabled. Her prayers went unanswered as year-and-a-half old babies withered away during her babbling at a spirit deity. She walked through those pest tents knowing that if birth control would have been used many of those thousands wouldn’t have been born, or died needlessly. Of course, she got to live 84 active years and have continuous control over armies of people, a slightly different perspective than a dying child.

MM 97 BShe knew this. She didn’t like birth control; it prevents pregnancy, which would have stopped much of the disease and starvation, and she needed that condition to persist. Does anyone think a person capable of organization on the scale she could manage didn’t know how to do arithmetic? She knew, if there are thousands and thousands less sick and dying, her job security goes out the window. This is similar to the Dalai Lama, and he seems a genuine person, but I guarantee he understands telling the world that happiness is the purpose for life buys plane tickets at a predictable rate and pays for doctors whenever he needs them, unlike the multitudes who follow of both of these spiritual leaders.

This is the disconnect. Preaching a set of ideals isn’t an intrinsically negative or immoral behavior. It becomes problematic when those ideas turn inward to self-validate, as this is the wellspring of hypocrisy. This interaction would reveal this again and again.

The bible-wielding messenger would not be deterred. I brought up how they themselves were acting like The Bible, and situations like this recurred throughout the day.

Zealot: “Agreed, religion is all [about] control… Religion is [the] worst thing [that] has happened to man, agreed!”

Only to be followed up with:

By experience, I know & am aware [that the] Bible is God talking to [you]… Like I said, God is beyond your philosophical ideas & logical deductions.”

Says the guy using the book Christianity uses to perpetuate the very idea he shares with the religion he just condemned, and he knows all of this via experience, a.k.a. deduction. It get’s worse.

This example is familiar because of the Dalai Lama style pitch, and while it’s disingenuous and self-deceptive, I hadn’t felt it was scary pathological, until we follow it down the Mother Teresa hole.

When we lose contact with, trivialize, or glorify the terrible pain in this world, we become the social problem. The venerated nun said, “The poor give us much more than we give them… They’re such strong people, living day-to-day with no food. And they never curse, never complain.” Yeah, they can’t speak, as their brains are mush from malnutrition. What a disgusting statement. My new-found philsophitroll had an upsetting answer to my statement of, “My life is as others, beautiful and tragic. We are equals, and that is joy enough for me in this life, or any other.”

MM 97 CThe response: “My life is a blessed life, a holy life, a glorious life! It is not possible for my life to be beautiful & tragic [at the] same time… I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM! I HAVE WHAT GOD SAYS I HAVE! I CAN DO WHAT GOD SAYS I CAN DO! GLORY BE TO GOD… I am not out of touch with humanity.” Alright, this is a very disturbed and brainwashed individual or they are the typical troll, which is why I have not and will not be publishing the name of this person. Another red flag is the Romans and Corinthians references back to back, with a little John thrown in after a Google search to back up the Corinthians reading when saying, “I am joined unto God Himself as a branch is joined unto a vine… John 15:5; 1cor 6:17.” This is evidence that Google search engines are operational for sure, and possibly evidence that Romans and Corinthians are the only part of The Bible they have read. Sad either way, troll or ignorance.

To claim to be in touch with humanity is, in the first place, a horribly arrogant thing to say, especially when one will only claim one religion as true, deny that life can be tragic and beautiful, and believe that you are special while death, injustice, and pain rule over billions of human beings. I have suggested that the troll seek cognitive therapy for the brainwashing and disconnect they suffer.

Christopher Hitchens claimed that religion poisons everything, and I see why he believed that.

The troll continues to pray for me this morning via messenger. I would rather them focus on me. At least they cannot ignore their sickness while in conversation with me, or if they are just a troll, they have enabled me to write about the poisonous superstition we call religion. If that is the only good I do today, it will be a good day.


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