OYRH #2: Annunciations are Everywhere

12966473_10206739094219898_1806336930_nI am still working on the calendar, but I want it to represent well, so when it is done, you, Gentle Reader, will be the first to know. I admit it is more difficult than I assumed to really pin down what a religious holiday is exactly. The image above is of all the saints which have a feast day today and the few days around this one.  Not that the challenge is unexpected, yet perhaps the definition requires more decision making than one would think. For example, some Catholic churches are celebrating The Feast Annunciation tonight with a special mass, but some churches, such as The Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox (apparently an outcast and excommunicated sect of Catholicism, freaky), celebrate it this Thursday. What is one to do? Considering all, I think that choices like this are best made with the calendar being my primary focus. Or put a different way, always choose a primary holiday when available, but if I am able to make choices to celebrate as many days as possible, I must make that choice.

Annunciation is on multiple days, and one of those days has more than one religious holiday. On April 7th there are several holidays from several religions: The New Year (New Moon of Nissan), Hebrew, Annunciation, Russian Orthodox Church; Fravardingan, Zoroastrian; Thunder Ceremony (7th – 10th), Iroquois Nation. With all this going on Thursday, I already have many choices to make that day. Annunciation feast tonight then, although I may not have a special Annunciation Mass to attend today because it is celebrated in different places and different times. I figure I will read the “Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord” as it is listed on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops web site.

With Annunciation under my belt before the day is over, I can scratch the Russian Orthodox Annunciation leaving the New Moon Of Nissan, Fravardingan (I have not researched this just yet, but I do look forward to it. Today might be the day), and the Thunder Ceremony begins on the 7th as well. This is being researched today. It is a multiple day ceremony and maybe I can catch some of, if not all of, by deferring to Hebrew and Zoroastrian holidays, it may be possible to do all of these, I don’t know just yet, I may update the day after I study for a while.

Image: http://www.catholic.org/saints/f_day/apr.php


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