Morning Meditations #84: Campaigning for Dignity

The writing difficulties, which I believe these are well documented in recent MMs, have continued a bit, perhaps diminished. The most direct result has been morning meditations that get started but never finished. I’ve been trying out and then testing a method of composition for times when I am not able to be at the computer. This method is talk to text dictation, then I can go back through and edit at the keyboard when I get the thirty minutes to knock it out.

MM 84I have tried now tried to dictate the last three MMs. Until today, I had yet to find my proper stride allowing me to finish an MM. It had been working out well for a few hundred words here or there. Today it seems I will overcome this hurdle. That does feel good. Of course, this hasn’t been the only problem.

Inspirational subjects, while numerous, haven’t provided common zeal for exposition experienced nearly daily for the last ten months. Which is really crazy considering the subjects I have tried to talk about including memory collection and memory consumption, the fair amount of yoga and walking meditation used in the last week, an Iron Maiden concert attended, the blog has had record numbers, and still, I sit mute at the end of a day. And, it isn’t like I have lost my fire for study which has always fueled this blog: neuroscience, anti-theism, evolution, politics, and the occasional editorial and/or ramblings.

Yet, in this, a political year, it seems that most people are interested in the shit show of said politics. All discussions of philosophy are watered down by some reference to the political arena, which frankly, I see very little philosophy within currently.

Most of the posts I see regarding the election are all “who supports who” and “boo-hoo, that wealthy stranger said something I disagree with.” So it seems my quest to maintain a climate of edification could be in the muck a bit. This is truly shameful in a year covered, smothered, and chopped with our need to be philosophizing on what needs to come next for government.

Once again, I find myself on the side of empathy. Who the fuck wants to learn about memory consumption when there is a Donald-fucking-Drumpf to make fun of? Why would anyone want to read about my struggles with maintaining focus during an early morning walking meditation when we could worry about who the DNC chairperson is blowing? Maybe Skick Willy will help me during one of his rallies for Hillary. Maybe the Bernie campaign will address the social-psychological ramifications born of slam tactics in the campaign. The physics articles have been difficult to find for having to dig through feed entry after feed entry of these political “debates.”

I count myself as no better. I spent this time of writing bitching about how hard it is to write with dignity in this current political situation. I did give that shame thing up to the best of my ability, so nobody need harbor concerns for my dignity. I’ll be fine.


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