Morning Meditation #82: “This is Mass Madness, You Maniacs”

MM 82

I’ve smoked way too many cigarettes since the new year began. If you’ve been keeping up, Gentle Reader, you can see why I have had this little period of weakness. If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking or have successfully quit any addiction, you understand the daily wrestling match within the brain, especially when things become genuinely stressful.

I do want to point out that I am not out buying packs of smokes daily. But I have asked for more than a few during social gatherings, when I just want to feel free of the daily battles waged within. I suppose I could fear a genuine relapse.

That isn’t going to happen. “Announcing you plans, Doc, is a good way to hear God laugh.” (Deadwood) Maybe I can avoid that problem by saying what I am not going to do, which is start smoking daily again.

Another thing I also know, fearing a relapse will almost guarantee one. Fear is like that. I’ve noticed it’s been successful in taking over the political debate. It’s really that powerful. I have a feeling if we continue to debate like this, it will derail a what I know we were all hoping would a legendary political season of honesty and fact sharing. And every now and then an add or post will drift across FB talking about the principles of our fair candidates. Mostly, as of this morning, in my feed I have seen: everyone fearing Donald Trump may become president, a bunch of other people screaming about how scary a Hilary administration would be, and then all the other posts talking about how rabid Bernie fans are angry mobs.

What the fuck is the matter with us?

A few days ago, in between fear of the Burn Mob posts, a friend of mine took the time to mention Bernie and Hillary stand together on many issues. No way!

Of course, debates are shit shows, which dictating almost nothing that ends up happening after a Pres is elected. That is another lesson we all need to remember.

I support the PP/ACA movement that Obama got pushed through. You know, the legislation introduced changes to things that had nothing to do with health care. Some of it down right despicable, and some of it benign. So sure, he got it done, at a potential pyrrhic price. This is governance in the current zeitgeist.

Most of us realize in a sustainable future there is very little profit repairing our energy, travel, and resource infrastructure. Compared, at least, to capitalism, which has run without leash for the last two hundred years, and I am sure some would argue longer; they are likely correct.

Stop letting fear ruin lives. You wanna vote for Hilary, fine. Do it because of the changes and stances she presents. I’ll say this for the goddamn Trump constituency, at least they like him because of the heinous things he wants to actually do. That is why I like Bernie. I know he isn’t perfect, but the changes he wants to bring to the table I support. I am glad Hilary wants to do some of the same stuff.

No, I don’t trust her.

I don’t fear her leadership, or fear for the state of the country if she were elected. I bet the price of milk will change very little no matter who will be elected.

Will I become a more hire-able commodity in a Trump economy vs. a Sanders? Unlikely.

If we sincerely don’t want our culture to descend even further into states of inequality, debt, and failing infrastructure, we would stop brandishing the negative things that could happen, and make certain we ensure the things which will make our citizens great. What if that was to be what decides our future political climate?

Dunno. Maybe I, too, am too optimistic in this regard.


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