Morning Meditations #73: Blocked Again

Last night is the fastest I’ve ever gone from acquaintance to blocked in my social media history. The funniest thing about the whole, brief four day encounter is that they befriended me outta the blue on the claim that “I looked interesting.” (I still question whether or not it was a compliment considering how this story ends) A few “how are you doings later” and blocked. I have a feeling that it is more of this religious crap. You know, the religious defend their belief and rationalize out-grouping shit at the craziest rate I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I know this will seem offensive, but it reminds me of a couple of kids that just decorated the family car with left over brown indoor paint. Rationalization and avoidance come like a torrent from the mighty Colorado. I am not offended by the block action considering I had nothing to do with it and had not directly insulted the person at all, and in fact had given many compliments.

This came after that morning, which I had raised the hackles of another religious person, the mother of some good friends. All I can do raise my shoulders in indifference to these events. If one doesn’t want to be around me or get to know me because my “spiritual” feelings come from information, data, and consider all personal feelings to be mere perceptions from the physical environment (remember, this includes hallucinations which come from within our own minds even while we’re stone cold sober, as these are the most convincing of misperceptions), well that is just sad.

It is true. I speak out against blind faith, but this has very little to do with religions This is because having blind faith, belief, in something which you cannot perceive, about things only perceived within yourself, opens the door to pathologies of many kinds in a social and/or private environment; thinking people are undermining you when they aren’t, betraying your when they aren’t, and other form of paranoia just to name a few. Of course, then there is always another risk. The risk of believing that a genuine and outspoken person won’t be someone in which you benefit from interacting. Without concrete evidence one could leave a lot of life unlived while surrounded by what is evident and present, everyday here and now.

If this genuine concern for the well being of others precludes me from a persons life and makes me a sordid creature, all I feel is disappointment for the indoctrinations forced upon others which makes them reluctant or bête noire of exposure to folks like me. Maybe the largest pathology I seek to eradicate is this erosion of connection based on belief, which is opposite pack mentality and the overwhelming desire healthy minds have to fit in and connect with other humans. Phew.

In other news, I changed my mom’s front breaks and harvested some wood from the little stream in the middle of town behind my house. I started a fire and used the chainsaw for an hour or more. Admittedly, I didn’t have an opportunity to write or meditate the way I normally do, and this did have adverse effects. By the time the stove sizzled and popped while making my chicken fried rice for the family dinner, I felt worn thin. My tired mind became compromised by sadness and loss of motivation. The look on my face must have broadcast this mood, as my mother and sister asked “are you okay” and “is everything alright” a couple of times apiece. But, by the time I got home from recording the third podcast of which I am a part, a little more harmony had entered into my mind. Gotta love Flow. I restarted the fire and made a cocktail. The night was so peaceful and beautiful that my impressions were captured in a little Facebook post. At the night’s end, a little mantra of love while I lay in the darkness of my room brought me to sleep with the quickness. I woke today healed from a tough evening ready to fight, or write as it were, on.

MM 73
The second winter’s morning felt a little more true to the season.

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