This is my first try at putting this together.  It has several errors in it which I will be correcting as I go.  There is also some stuff I have left out, which I know should be in this list.  Such as certain works and interviews by Brené Brown, Dan Gilbert, Richard Dawkins, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sam Harris, and Ishmael Beah.  Even though a few of these names made it onto this list, some did not which have been increasingly important to my research.  These will be remedied every few weeks via update.  I encourage anyone who would like more information on any of the works listed to comment, message, or ask via telegraph, whatever it takes, as I would be more than happy to talk about and/or review anything here publicly or privately.

I wondered if I would learn anything from amassing this list.  I few things about reading habits and where I believe I am lacking.  Ethnic branching out, too few classics, too few old philosophies, major poetry deficiency, and current fiction limited to mostly fantasy (some of which I will be adding to the list in the coming weeks).  That being said, I am quite proud of this list.  Proud of what it will become as I continue to research.

My fiery passion for research has been rekindled and now burns bright through a refocused intellectual lens.  So much emotional pain over the last six months and much more guaranteed, I will need something I love so dearly to hold onto while my heart weathers the storm.  Some of this pain grew so loud and strong last night I didn’t know what I would do with myself or if sleep would come.  It did, but more on that with the MM which will be coming here in a few hours.

I’ll give notice when this list is updated in the future, like I said, any questions I stand ready to answer.

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