Morning Meditations #62: Soups On

I have been so remiss with my meditations lately. Distraction after distraction has worn away at my diligence until I realized this morning that I haven’t spent a moment in meditation in four days. And if I look back over a week, meditation has been practiced less than ten times. I haven’t meditated this little since the end of the summer. I’m not really missing it, because it isn’t the type of thing that, if done correctly, one should really miss.

MM 62 B
What a beautiful prep cup of my three veggies.

I have mentioned before that one of the tenants of meditation is that the practitioner learns to let go of the very act of meditation. This has been especially easy in my case, as a high magnitude of joy occupies much of my life. Back when I wasn’t as excited about life as I am now, meditation would sometimes be the only sanctuary in a day of intense sadness. Everything is going so well, well, everything that has had an opportunity for momentum that is, that “intense sadness” has nothing to do with my days. Not that there isn’t darkness, confusion, and bothersome issues circulating around my fringe. And I do seek solution and resolution to those issues, but when a solution is not in offering at any certain point, the problems I face cannot get to me like they could in the past. The piece of advice I usually give these days in regard to this is, “It’s okay to feel negativity; it just isn’t allowed to drive.” So what is allowed to drive? Answer: This!

So yesterday, I made my first homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. It was really Chicken and Stars and Noodle Soup. Pretty classic build and I did use a recipe. I deviated from the recipe (which is located here: a small amount. I more than doubled the quantity as to make around ¾ of a gallon. I also omitted the butter and made my own vegetable and chicken stock as I will always choose fresh ingredients to store bought ones. This resulted in a little extra salt to get closer to the more customary taste of manufactured soups, as my family is very much conditioned to appreciate Campbell’s BS condensed stuff. With this in mind though, I have been able to strategize well, imitating those flavors with fresh-ish ingredients (sometimes I have to go with frozen fruits and veggies) while I have been learning to cook for my family, combating the fake food industry. This transition has been challenging, but some advice from a few years ago via an ex-girlfriend (who will no longer speak to me and even has me FB blocked, (Rebecca Catlett, if any of my audience knows her, will you please thank her from Ivy and I) came in the form of “cooking is just chemistry.” With that little nugget, my hyper analytical science brain made its move to becoming a standout cook, within my own home at least.

MM 62 A
The finished product.

I have always been the grill master at my house, but now it seems that the stove top is becoming my play area as well. The last frontier to conquer is the oven. I have baked a few meats, but as far as confections and casseroles I am remain at an “all thumbs” level of competence.

There are more wins to speak of as well. Last night while the Basketball Hogs dismantled a lesser team, I had a successful test of a microphone for the podcast, as well as the edification needed use in the podcast’s production studio. There is also the return to the treadmill after seven weeks of healing the hyperextended big toe, better known as Turf Toe in the athletic world. This is maybe the largest win for me personally as it involves healing and exercise. Subjects which have been major themes in my life over the last six months, and show no signs of diminishing as a life themes (I believe I brought this up last week as a thing that the body and mind has to do daily, or larger pathology can find spaces to eat at). My exercise ended up only being eleven minutes long, a little under half the time at a six MPH pace alternating from a three MPH base speed. It felt a little sore last night but is pain free today, still having a little bit of that awkward atrophied feeling. Good wins; art is the thing on the fence, which I do have the most control over after other irritations and victories.

MM 62 C
The new standing desk donated to the house from over last winter. I just need to find a good piece for for the book shelf.

Similarly to meditation, the writing has been slow over the last week, which is actually kind of a win in my opinion. As I try to get sleep and creative spaces reset, the stepping back from some creative endeavors is likely wise, not to mention the phenomenon in my other art forms stepping up to fill the niches left by a slow writing pace. It seems that music will be filling some of that space, and that is a huge win for everyone.

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