Morning Meditations #61: Instinctual Radiation

MM 61
I love this part of the holidays; she gets so into the decorating of the tree—the second of her season.

Funny thing after one reconciles with another, seems there is a couple of outcomes that are most common. Sometimes there is peace, but a remaining disconnection in which both parties go their separate ways with a mutual respect. Then other times, the two people grow stronger together. My situation is of the latter. To quote Steve from the movie Singles, “my chest hurts.”

We’ve decided that she’s an alien, and I can be an ape. Works for me. As soon as humans fly off the planet we become aliens ourselves. It’s all the same shit anyways. Compacted stardust in the middle of a long chain of chemical reactions a little over thirteen billion years running. I feel the immensity that daily.

Which brings me to an interesting point. I see that we’ve an obligation based on this data. This obligation is most easily expressed as “involvement in the universe.” Nobody has to ask suns to radiate; they just do. It seems that people are often waiting for signs, answers, and/or beliefs before being proactive. So, since everyone and everything is stardust, there is no intrinsic permission the universe can give to behave any certain way or to take any particular action (some folks might want to point out that we all walk and talk, but I would like to point out that not everyone can physically walk and talk—they must choose other behaviors aren’t intrinsically approved). Each of us is already like our mother stars, as we radiate without permission. Some will choose or be unfortunately predisposed to hesitation and inaction as their output. Well, those do very little to engage the universe, which is the opposite of our radiant nature.

Now it is true that not every star burns bright, and it is also true that not every star keeps radiating. Some do turn black hole. Yet, we still share the resemblance to our cosmic parents. People are drawn to each other inexplicably; the black hole doesn’t need approval to express vast gravitational pull, and neither do I. Cold brown dwarfs still hum and radiate despite being very docile amongst their peers, but lasting for billions of years longer than the bright fuel guzzlers which dominate our night skies. Even if you believe we have souls it won’t change this issue.

I don’t believe we have souls, but I heard a take the other day that souls will learn with each life they pass through. Even if that were true, it would still point to the soul needing change, an evolution, within the systematic universe provided via radiation from our fellow soul bound neighbors. Which, also suggests a time when souls knew less, and they would be driven by forces outside their control, instinctually programed, to behave a certain way. Sounds like good people to me.

This brings me to this morning’s MM thesis, I challenge all of you to consider how you will radiate today. Which features of humanity will you express via this old, instinctual need to draw other parts of the universe in and shower whatever that may be with nothing but yourself? Even when you are sitting silently on a bus or in bed with your partners and lovers, the whole of the universe is constantly altered and changed by every heartbeat, every breath, every mood, every word, every touch. I invite everyone to see the next few minutes after you read this with this challenge. Walk around the kitchen, go say hello to one of your children, or meditate perhaps. Don’t seek permission; radiant living is what you are already up to anyways, so own it.


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