Morning Meditations #60: Gotta Love Patience

The Thanksgiving break has been crafting my daughter into a stubborn and obstinate beast. For the past three hours every suggestion my sister, mom, or myself have made gets an attitude enhanced “No!” These include subjects such as: Santa letters, mall trips, breakfast of any kind, drinks, hugs, all except for cookies. She did draw a beautifully rendered Hello Kitty picture in between the snippy tude and looking exhausted. The hope around here that she takes a mid-morning siesta before the actual day begins, or we may have a wild one on our hands.

MM 60Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my diligent and Gentle Readers. I hope everyone made the best of the best of or the worst of the day. I did happen by FB a few times and read some real horror stories of local people that deserved better. There were comedies as well (my dear homie, Stephanie, who lives in Omaha, NE had a play by play, a tweet piece, that is pure comedy with the #whymyparentsarebickering, @bananacowdesign) and I saw lots of people doing amazing things with crappy situations. I, on the other hand, had no crappy situations.

The food was beautiful and the family seemed great, except for an uncle in law who’s knee surgeries were getting complicated, and for that, sympathy is my reaction. The most powerful moment came about an hour or so in and most of us had eaten once, or twice, by that time. When I noticed at the dinner table sat, with me, all of my siblings, both sides of my lineage. This is the first time that it has ever happened as far as I remember, we had all been in the same place and stuff, but to be sitting at a holiday dinner table with Michael, Amber, and Missy is one of my proudest moments and now most cherished memories. All of my subsequent interactions consisted of people being very interested in what I had been up to.

There wasn’t any subterfuge behind all of this attention. Cousin Tiffany summarized it well in two questions over the course of the day. The first came while a game of horse I had been eliminated from continued, “Have you been trimming up too; is it more than just loosing the beard?” Then later as we were leaving she asked, “Do you have dimples!?”

I do.”

There were the occasional questions about work and employment, which end quickly when I start laughing. As soon as any part of my art become marketable I suppose things will change on that end, or as soon as I find a place that is hiring when I drop a résumé, who will compensate my education and experience. Until then, count on me always laughing at that question. We left out early as Nana and Amber were on there way to BlkFri madness starting at like 17:00, so we booked it home. Ivy and had been invited to the home of my the lady friend with whom I disagreed ten days ago, and the renewed peace between us has led to a new hope (a name drop and shout out for all you Star Wars nerds, I love you even though I will never bee one of you).

I won’t speak too much about the details, but it seems I am no longer “dumped,” which is good. No reason that something like this should prevent two people from getting to know each other. And, If there is a spark, it should be nurtured even if the odds seem stacked against. There is no real danger as neither of us is abusive. Dealing with a disagreement of philosophy poorly is something with which I take issue. But, as well, that also is no reason to give up on anything. Maybe through listening better I can give her the space to address me more healthily in the future. Then maybe through her addressing disagreements and hurt feelings differently, we will communicate about other things more efficiently. Thus, the domino effect from a norm or reciprocity cuts a trail for strong relationships, platonic and/or romantic. And as for her and I, for all those who are curious about dirty details, this thing is getting hot as hell.


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