Morning Meditations #55: Picture Perfect Js

This morning’s meditation was a simple ten minute exercise of being with breath. My mind wandered very little, until Spooky decided to come for some rubbin’s. Even then, I kept myself on breath, treating his cool fur as I would a cool breeze. Once my alarm went off, it was all business. You know, Ivy breakfast and lunch, fire starting, and Ivy waking.

This is one of those mornings where I don’t really have a lot to report, a lot that would suitable for deep thinking. I had a wonderful evening with friends and fire, Ivy put herself to bed before 21:30 last night, I fell asleep much easier than I did the night before, and nothing negative to speak of seemed anywhere near this home. I know that not every day or night will be like this, so I guess the most important thing to report is how much I appreciate such events. These posts assist in keeping gratitude, and not taking for granted how amazing it can be when we’re open to simple nights. “What’s the key to having more nights like this?” becomes the only question.

My answer is: simplicity and mental quiet. I know many of your lives are more complex than mine. Crazy day jobs and a shit-ton of rugrats make many people’s days rather psycho-wild. Yet, I wonder how much of those lives are made more complex by not embracing the simple and not seeking any inner peace. Folks in our culture often think that there is something outside of themselves which they must strive toward in order to complete themselves. I call this “Chasing Dragons.” Whether it is looking for the next high, the next degree, the next relationship, whatever, I have found that just finding the self amidst all of these desires is virtually impossible if we are not willing to take the time to let go of these externalities. If you really want the next relationship, reward, or goal, stop wanting it. Let your mind be free of this desire, and maybe you’ll be able to notice a healthy choices that will get you there when they are available, rather than just stuffing an event that happens to be in front of you into a role you have carved from an ideal. Maybe your kids are easier to handle if they aren’t being bombarded with stimulation. Just maybe, if they were able to observe you being quiet and calm, they would emulate that.

My daughter, for one, seeks to imitate my meditations even though she isn’t sure of the techniques involved. Guess how hard my child is to handle. I’ll give a hint. She almost raises herself sometimes.

I took this picture this morning, and It memorizes me even now, hours after the shot. Dayum! photons rock.

Someone very dear to me noticed how well she did last night. It isn’t that she is a better than anyone’s child, but the amount of attention she requires is commonly very little. I often refer to her as “my little automaton” because she does most of “her” herself. I am merely a part time guide throughout a day, and now that she is a K level student, the influence of friends is becoming more and more a part of who she is. I don’t mind at all.

This represents well in everyone’s life I encounter these days. The only people that seem to have an issue with me are those that want something from me. What is the old saying, “You’ve got to want what you have before you can have what you want.” I want myself. So, that is what I get, everyday.


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