Morning Meditations #43: I Like My New Office

So I just moved into this new office, I think the view is great, but my neighbor won't stop barking.
So I just moved into this new office, I think the view is great, but my neighbor won’t stop barking.

With GRE study schedule in hand, and diligence being one of my happiest exercises, I have hit the ground running this morning.

Also, I have something to admit to all of my Gentle Readers. I don’t always meditate before I compose these blogs, but I also don’t always meditate after I write them. Sometimes I don’t write them, but I do meditate, and yes, even the dreaded truth. I write them, but don’t meditate some days. What a fraud!

Well, I seek to remedy this issue with my new study schedule. See, the new schedule allows me to meditate, study, and then write MMs after I have some key things outta the way, not to mention I get to talk about morning meditation in MM. Nice fix. Thanks GRE. The downside being MM will be published after “the morning” often. I hope that everyone likes the new time slot, and we’ll see if my posts change with new brain cycles plugged into the public forum.

This morning I woke later than usual, which makes it three days in a row I have slept in by my standards. I believe this means my mind has become bored with the schedule I have mastered. Waking at 4:20. (Funny, right) What to do. I believe I am going to move the clock back a bit. 4:40, and see how my mind responds. With the new schedule, I have fewer pressing issues before Ivy needs to get up and be off to school. Now I can incorporate meditation and study into that time before, as I do put some effort into these posts, and they did take a large chunk of the morning.

This is the first noon composition of an MM. I feel very free and unbound by the clock right now. It feels fantastic. I do have further study goals for the day, but I have more than enough time. Allowing also, for completion of domestic chores.

Looking back on the description of my day thus far, I am struck by how lucky and easy my life is right now. My daughter is making the trip to school everyday and home with intense confidence and joy. I work hard writing and studying everyday, which is where I am supposed to be by all reckonings. I have spoken about income, but it seems even a monetary equivalent is being met lately which became apparent on its own. Well, apparent to me; others may have known all along and just been unable to communicate to the lunatic from four months ago. Take the photos from this weekend.

Weekend camping getaways are super valuable. How much money do people spend on that luxury. I work hard when I am in Peenemunde, correction, I pour myself into making the cabin area and its beauty something that is a gift to myself and my kids, a gift to the friends of mine that compose Team Peenemunde, and a gift to the nature that surrounds it. I don’t actually have words or numbers to accurately express how valuable that experience is. The one thing I know, there is a deep appreciation by all those listed above (I cannot truly speak for the forest itself, but it has been revealing some real beauty to me lately, seems pleased thus far). I have been learning more and more about the types of systems that can make for sustainable living, as well getting to meditate morning and night in the Ozarks, with and without children, at peace. The gift cycle in my life, right now, is ridiculously high.

Okay, back to study. This worked out nicely I think.


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