Morning Meditations #36: It Feels Like Fall in Northwest Arkansas

Unless there is a statistical meltdown, I will be passing into a new era of writing, unprecedented personal achievement. Before anyone starts getting giddy, okay, before I start getting giddy, this doesn’t mean that I am going to be able to start earning a living with the blog, or that a book has been picked up by a publisher. Yet, what will likely happen is maybe even more important. The traffic on this blog has increased to the point where more of my stats will have reached the four digit mark. That by itself is neat, but what it really means to me is that people are appreciating my work. I have said it before, but it bears repeating—this floors me.

I have always been a popular musician in the local scene which has been a source of great joy throughout my life, and I always assumed that would be enough for me. It has been enough for me. Once I began the Creative Writing path and discovered my obsession with research, everything began to change. Most of my essays were graded with an “A,” and if I got anything lower, the paper would come with the note or question during a meeting of “What happened?” Writing excellence became par, although I did get one “D” on a handwritten essay question. Student tip: follow the instructions. While the influence I wielded during more than twenty years of being a performance musician has always been very flattering to me, and folks seem to gravitate towards the quality music projects I have been a part of producing (not all of them have been “quality” I can assure you). The satisfaction I get from writing and researching has been equally amazing. I have only really been at this new art at a proficiency level of public exposure for three years. Less than really.

And here all of you are again, reading with gentle eyes and speaking beautiful comments, “You are an artist which improves life.” I am moved beyond myself, into tears and gratitude often. As an entertainer it is asinine to suggest I don’t do it for the audience, of course I do. That is rarely what drives my art though. “Good shit sells itself.,” has been my opinion for well over a decade (I know this is not the only route to success, but I am a purist when it comes to art, not ignoring demographics, but also, not letting that be the genesis point of creativity). It has always proven true for my music. I hope this new found attention is a product of this phenomenon.

So, today’s morning meditation will be around Lovingkindness techniques mixed with some yoga. After all, the opening premise of Lovingkindess is the self first, which is what solo yoga is also about. Making sure that the first person I thank for all of the artifacts and IMG_0553knowledge that flow from me is the source, myself. Then, like the technique prescribes, move on, beyond the self, and into everyone and everything else. As everything and everyone else are the sources for my inspiration and my dedication. My discipline comes from my desires to benefit everyone else, which causes me to be more disciplined which comes form my desires to benefit everyone else, and so on.

Now the part I have been waiting for: thank you. Thanks to everyone who reads, comments, “Likes,” follows, shares, all of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will keep writing and loving as long as there is a single pair of eyes, a single person, or a solitary mind to touch. I will keep being inspired by those that I cherish as much as myself, being of course, all of you.


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