Morning Meditations #34: A Soothing Night for a Happy Man

I get to move into a new frontier of meditation today. The technique I have an opportunity to begin is titled “Lovingkindness.” There are several reasons that I am excited. This type of meditation is more in sync with what I have practiced since finding meditation as a teen, more focused and goal oriented. Not to take anything from the new practices that I have learned. Wait, wait. That is a foolish way to put it. The new practices have been some of the most revelatory experiences in my entire life and have been foundational in the changes made over the last few months. Better. The use of mantra and imagery will be a somewhat like coming home, paralleling the very experience that mindfulness meditation brings to the table. Yet, it will be like coming home to a renovated spot.IMG_0532

I get to use mantra in the new space of my consciousness after several weeks of various mindful practices that do not use them. The anticipation and excitement for new observation has unleashed the army of butterflies in my abdomen. Cannot wait to write about that experience.

Last night was fucking fantastic. The opportunity to have worlds meet just sent a shiver down my entire body as I typed. When Cover of Darkness did our second album, Out of the Womb Productions came into existance. “Out of the Womb” is the title of our second album, and “The Womb” became the name of the studio itself. From there, every project that walks out of my artistic arena carries the name with it. Last night became another typical, which is to say fascinating, moment in the history our home grown studio. A conjunction of constellatory histories and events, which similar to the occurrences of “super” moons this past year (seems we had a “super” moon every couple of weeks there for a while) will become regular, at least for a bit. This also means I got hang with band mates, watch football, party a little bit (woooo, beer!), and stay up late. Like a cool breeze, the night felt great right away. I got to test the drums against some new music and watch some ball while people were meeting and sharing.

This includes me. New clothing sizes and the GRE were the topics I got to share with a band mate I hadn’t seen in several weeks. We discussed my new sexy-ass physique and the philosophies of health I am applying to reach physiological goals, which by the way, have very little to do with weight and appearance. Although, it is impossible to not appreciate my new look at least a little. Technical data shared between old pros became an event, clarification of communication became more important than the football, and new a new pair of drumsticks seemed to glow. What a soothing night for a happy man.

I decided to be kind to my body yesterday after the early morning dentist procedure, which went from a “look and see” appointment to drilling on my face in record time. The tooth with new crown was a little sore yesterday. It is not this morning.

A professional massage awaits me today. Boom!

Something I love about myself is:

29. My passion for projects. I love thinking big; don’t you? Over the last six years or so, my confidence in big projects had been eroded away by self loathing and doubt. Depression’s a helluva drug. Back on track to see the bigger picture. My current project—life, is canvased even larger than my previous “biggest picture.” Awaiting beyond the limits of imagination lies my sanctuary, and it becomes more beautiful with every passing second.


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