Morning Meditations #27: Thank You Fayetteville

A shout out to all of Fayetteville Arkansas for passing Ordinance #5781. Civil Rights prevails again; the people have spoken.

I get to go back to the dentist today. Yesterday went flawlessly, and since I have more work which needs to be done, they have decided to finish this phase tomorrow. The level of efficiency this office operates is pretty amazing. Coupled with my ability to handle anything the dentist throws at me has us cruising right along with my treatment plan.

Today I will study math for my GRE. I would be lying if I were to try and convince anyone I am not very intimidated by this particular section of the test. While it is true I am an English student and math will not likely be the part of the test the authority will focus on, there is still method to this madness. The way I figure, if a Creative Writing student can even show a tiny handful of mathematic prowess, it will translate into the caliber of student I am. This is what I want to show these universities. You put me in your program, not only do you get twenty years of business operation and management experience, they will also get a fantastic student and an academic par excellence.

There are several other things afoot today. I have a morning meeting about a project that I cannot reveal to the public yet, but I am excited to see where the meeting will lead. Then this evening, I get to go to a new acquaintance’s, hopefully turning friend, home and conduct the second of my character study interviews. For all of those who don’t know about this, feel free to quiz me and find out. Thus far, only one woman has had the courage to step up and answer some deep (and not so deep) questions about belief, society, and themselves. This second subject is male and has already done one interview with me about another subject. He seems ready, and the opportunity to do a second interview after months of work, as well as patience, has me giddy already. I hope we get to jam too.

For those of you that are following the newly released fiction, thank you. I would like more technical feedback, but I know we are all busy and workshopping blog entries isn’t not high on the majority of readers’ minds. I invite anyone to try. So far everyone who has commented has had wonderful things to say about this first piece, but I have already caught one mistake myself in the first episode that I fixed. Please, if you are worried about my feelings or sensibilities—don’t be. I am a pro and can take any amount of criticism. One of the best compliments I have ever had as a musician was, “The music y’all play in here sucks.” It was my band Cover of Darkness’s second album. She thought she could anonymously insult it because that self produced record sounds crazy good. I informed her that it was my band to which she responded, “the drums are good.” That’s right they are, and so are my stories. Feel free to tear them apart; I will love it.

Something I love about myself is:IMG_0501

22. My Dr. Doolittle nature. I have always had a way with animals. There’s been more than one occasion when somebody catches me mimicking bird calls to elicit a response or barking at squirrels just to see if I can rile them up. When a wild animal is near me and shouldn’t be, nobody, including myself, has ever been hurt. Domestic animals are harder to predict, as they have adopted some of humanities idiosyncrasies often making them more dangerous than any wild beast. (My Jack-Rat niece Bella, check with D about that creature)


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