Morning Meditations #25: Labor of Love Day

Happy Labor Day!  If you do have to go to work today, I hope you will at least get holiday pay.  If you do not, shame on your capitalist boss and the capitalist system that drives them to abuse people.

My labor today will be filled with labor of love.  Of course, that’s every day; isn’t it?  I have never built sawhorses from scratch before, and I have already done research and familiarized myself with the needed angles.  I still need to process more wood from some old pallets.  What that means is pulling boards off of the old pallets without destroying them.  Challenging work, I assure you.  This is not an easy task with improper tools.  I have a few simple things, but stuff like large hammers, pry bar, hacksaw, I do not have.  Walked the tracks just to find some old railroad spikes to act as a wedge.  That being said, I may not even get to building if the processing of old boards takes too long, but for home projects like this, as long as I enjoy myself, I suppose it cannot take too long.  IMG_0485

So far GRE studies have come into somewhat of a routine.  I studied for several hours yesterday.  It was a vocabulary day.  Which is silly to say, as every day is “vocabulary day” for a reader and writer, but it that didn’t keep me from feeling like a moron.  I found twenty-one words that I had to look up and write down definitions.  The old tale of “use a word three times and it’s yours” may not be totally accurate, but it will be the minimum of my efforts.  This will be accomplished by writing a few sentences with each word, and then trying to incorporate the newly discovered words in some speech  Not going to obsess, as I have learned that type of studying will not help me (may not really help anyone, but I am sure there are a few people that can successfully cram).

Glad to be back to writing, a day “off” always leaves me feeling a bit like I have forgotten something in the oven.  I search for what is missing in my day only to remember at some later point that I have stepped away from the keyboard on purpose.  It isn’t that I need to write per se (debatable I assure you), but my writing seems to be something people look forward to, and I like being consistent and reliable.  Two words I have often sought after, but have always had a hard time pinning down for one reason or another.  I think it is simple discipline.  I will admit I don’t think I am either of these words just yet, but will seek to be them daily.

Today I will listen to anything and everything on which I can get my attention.

Something I love about myself is:

  1. My ability to be a good father.  Yesterday, sitting with mom, sister, and Ivy made me realize what an amazing dad I am.  This is not the first time I have realized this.  There are just those days when all of life is a mirror, and yesterday morning, the mirror reflected a man who knows what he wants for his daughter, and in that way, for himself.

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