Morning Meditations #23: A Day for Daydreaming

I begin studying for the GRE officially today. It will be a great distraction from some of the more difficult things going on with my people. I will be thinking around a friend and their family. Life can be quite difficult.

IMG_0483I think I am going to find the time to nap and do a little extra meditation today. Stress is not something I let run unhinged in my life right now. According to my shrink, this is a time for healing. I like this formulation. I still have issues with using terms like hardship, traumatic, and difficult to describe many of my experiences over the last eight years. Some part of me still feels weak for seeing degenerative back disorders and custody trials as hardship and trauma (good thing I am in therapy, jeez!) I haven’t given myself a day composed of quiet and simple in, well, I don’t remember the last day like that. To relax, read, and daydream about the future is a gift I need to give myself.

With the obtaining of my new lumbar traction machine, I have been discharged officially from physical therapy. This translates into the first Friday that I haven’t had a medical appointment in several weeks. My first physical therapist told me, if there is opportunity to have an easy day I need to take it. Going to follow his advice.

Little sister will be here in twelve hours or so. Looking forward to that. She is about to finish her masters degree up, and will be a great ally in the coming campaign. I have many questions for her about the process, but I also have many questions for her concerning her. She has some huge decisions over the next eighteen months. My curiosity is maxed for what she thinks she should do. Already a successful educator, she gets something of which I am a large fan—choice. She gets to choose something for her life. How awesome for her, and I want to hear more.

In the spirit of taking it easy, this post is going to be a little shorter than some of the other “Morning Meditations.” More time for daydreaming and contemplation about all of the wonderful things that I will be able to make my own choices about in my own near future. Oops! Here I went and rambled for a second or two too long. Oh, well. Letting it go and taking it easy are still my plan. I will embrace this first happy mistake.

Something I love about myself is:

18. My mind. This is a complex thing to love. A moment, please, to explain what this means. This love encompasses my capacity to understand, behave, and experience. I love that I can smell the pumpkin spice, while thinking of words to tell my audience, and as both happen, I can feel the keys under my finger tips. Feeling closer to loved ones by looking up at the art on my wall, just to the left of the window with a blue, Celtic knot half curtain, this also makes me feel close to someone. What an awesome tool my mind is.


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