Morning Meditation #13: I am the Black Mold Assassin

Told you I had a happy Jesus.
Told you I had a happy Jesus.

Today I am going to look a little deeper into my daughter’s schooling. I don’t have any concern, well, outside regular things that parents worry about. My desire is more about keeping discipline high for a new routine. We all know how difficult it can be to establish new habits. I call elementary school a hell of a new habit. Despite this, my daughter has taken to Kindergarten so well that I would hate to fall behind and be remiss about her lessons. If I develop a habit of being highly involved with her learning process at school she will always have the benefit of having a study partner when she needs one. Not to mention that will keep me up to date and facilitate relearning lots of math and history which I have likely forgotten over the years.

Now that the standing desk is clear and decorated, I will go through my vast amounts of literature printed out during undergraduate work. I’ve had a desire to organize and file these for well over a year. I had never had the, here is the word again, discipline to knock it out before now. I really like the idea of having all those short stories, articles, and essays filed and easily referenced.

I will get a hold of some professors this week which were/are integral to me becoming a writer, as I will have books and other writings being finished over the next year, and the knowledge of these professional educators will be very valuable.

I look forward to learning all that I can despite not being a student of the university right now. A friend of a friend was putting up with me one afternoon when I had first quit smoking. I babbled on about myself for quite some time when she made an observation about me that I still hold dear. She suggested I am a “lifetime learner.” I literally could not have put it better myself. My mind has echoed the sentiment since she said it, and someday, I will thank her for it.

My workouts have gotten more and more intense over the last couple of weeks. Today I will take it easy on myself physically. It is great fun to work out, and it has been a great tool in the effort to quit smoking, but I know that if I push this mildly aged body too far I will pay dearly. I heal well, but slowly. I hear that may change now that I am a nonsmoker, we shall see.

I will make sure my music student doesn’t fall behind. With school starting he hasn’t been able to attend a lesson in a week. Which I understand, but I know he would be disappointed if two weeks went by without a lesson.

Something I love about myself is:

8. My ability to keep close friends for decades. This has allowed me to build respect for and be respected by several people who are very special to me. I have also noticed this phenomenon in most of those who are included in that list. They have the same gift—like minds, good folks.


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