Morning Meditations #12: Saturday Morning Energy

IMG_0362I will make this Saturday, today, profitable. This is not the kind of goal I would normally touch, but today we are doing a yard sale this morning. So, maybe profitable is the wrong word. I will make today successful. That feels much better. We tried this a few weeks ago at my mom’s. but it was a total flop. We made fifty cents. Today we will do better than two quarters.

I never got around to desk organization, so while I watch the yard sale, I will slowly get it done by taking arm loads to sort while I say “Hi” to potential customers. I get to go put signs up in a minute. Well, it is 4:50 now, so I will do that before 6:00 as there isn’t any daylight yet.

It rained.

I will put signs out as soon as it quits raining, if it quits raining.

I hope to finish the essay I started yesterday. I began writing it for one of the blog series, and thought it would be routine as far as length and research. I was wrong. I spent all day reading and composing. My research took me from the internet to The Bible to modern neuroscience, and I am not even done with it yet. I don’t know if I will publish today, because a work of this length needs more than one pass for editing, but I do hope to finish the research and composition today.

I will continue my insane workouts. Not insane as far as intensity, but insane for me and my newness to the lifestyle I am leading right now. Hundreds of reps per day upper and lower body, callisthenics, treadmill, and my food intake has changed drastically for the healthier. Very little processed food, which means we are cooking real food at home or eating raw food (that is harder with a medical condition that I have). Ivy’s health is likely bolstered for life by the habits I have been able to develop. She still has a larger-than-I-like sugar addiction, but then again so do 99.9% of the US’s population. The government, via the FDA and public schooling, hid the fact that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine for thirty years at least. Eight times. The quest for capital has poisoned us all, sadly. I choose to fight this on different grounds than some of my battles. There won’t be any yelling and screaming at the government to stop doing what it’s always done, or hollering at corporations to stop sacrificing people for profit like they’ve always done.

I will teach my daughter how to like herself and feel well by instating good habits and using reward, not punishment, to bring a calm into her mind and help fulfillment guide her life. I choose to meet this challenge with behavior and conditioning. Fortunately for me, my daughter and I are good apes.

Something I love about myself is:

7. My intensity. I give some fantastic and horrible looks when at my most fierce. Some people think (know) I am a spaz. Even when I was eighty pounds heavier, I am always a ball of energy. How this has translated in my recent years is in the ability to finish what I start with still more to give. “Leave it all out on the field.” I think we can all agree, even with my dire mistakes, I am in a constant state of progression.


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