Morning Meditations #9: How Small the World Is

Here is one of the moments where I go from goals to gratitude.

Yesterday, I reached the fist milestone of my writing challenge. I am sure by now everyone reading knows of the writing challenge, or as it shall forever be referred to as and will now be titled “The Hitch Challenge.” Fifty thousand words a few days ahead of schedule (1000 words a day is the pace). It isn’t that I finally reached a number. I have composed thousands and thousands of words, but writing before The Hitch Challenge almost always had an ulterior motive—college. The Hitch challenge isn’t about motives, other than the writing itself (college students please use The Hitch Challenge, I even know a PhD student who is using the challenge now, it will make sure you write daily and papers will never be as challenging again). I am so grateful I am able to say, I met a goal. Next stop, one-hundred thousand.

IMG_0348Today I will show a friend something new. One of my many projects is a screen writing gig with an old friend. He has never seen the documentary called “Lemmy.” My friend, who we will call Tad (he wishes not to be tangled up in this atheistic carnival over in this neck of the woods), is also a musician but has never seen it. If you like music, memoirs, documentaries, rock and roll, culture, Henry Rollins or Dave Grohl, drugs, or immortal rock Gods, then this is a must see documentary. Not to mention, from a professional standpoint, this is screen writing research. I get to study and bust somebody’s cherry for this documentary, win-win.

I have studied well, I have written well, but I have been lacking on my reading this week. I finished two books over the weekend, which still has me a little behind schedule (there is no schedule). The reason I am impatient is the quality of fiction I am reading, Steinbeck’s classic The Grapes of Wrath. “Brilliant” isn’t the terminology I would use. I will choose “art altering.” Not for emulation, that would be beyond a fools errand. Rather, because I am enjoying every syllable, consuming the text at a slower-than-normal pace. Like a conniosseur at a five star steakhouse, devouring a large rib-eye before them, one square inch at a time.  I seek to sample every nuance and color, every hue and tone, the life’s worth of joy and suffering which become evident within a novel like this. I will read the entire Steinbeck catalog.

I will cherish my daughter. My most trusted friend, who is away and completely unavailable for several months, *giggle* reminded me how small the world is this morning, which means, I am closer to my daughter than I could have ever imagined.

Something I love about my self is:

4. My love for reading. I cannot be satisfied these days. I used to think I needed to keep a couple of books going. Then it became three, four, five—what am I even doing at this point? Phew, topped out at five, for now. Here is the current list:

* The Grapes of Wrath

*Applied Psychology

* The Soul Fallacy

* Full Catastrophe Living

* “Narrative Analysis”

Please note, the bottom four are all being studied with notes being taken. This is the busiest unemployment I have ever experienced.


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