Morning Meditations #8: The Second Day of School

My primary goal for today is to edit my short story book. I have enough short story material that has been work-shopped, rewritten, and is ready for one final edit. This collection will represent some of my, if not the, highlights of my college career when it comes to undergraduate works. Not saying that these are my three best stories, but they are the best I had to offer during that six year period. My long term goal here is to publish my first book. After that when people ask what I do I can simply tell them that I am an author, answers and questions after have a different tune.IMG_0344

I will write even more.

I will fulfill obligations to my family.

I will make sure that the bus driver never forgets my face, so that he will have zero potential of forgetting my daughter ever again (at least it is impossible to lose her on her first day of Kindergarten again).

I haven’t studied in a few days, don’t know if today is a good day to make sure I do, but it will likely come up in future Morning Meditations. My world is swimming in more books than I have ever had via donations by the two of the five people I count on in life right now, these two know me well and answered the call of “I collect nothing but books anymore.” Text books, fiction, reference, non-fiction, memoirs, etc. are all on display in my house in no particular order. That Mediation also comes at a later date.

I will honor my friend who gave me half of a paper sack worth of her fresh garden veggies by prepping the rest after last nights salad for stir-fry and fried rice freezer bags. Not a single veggie she gave us will go to waste, including the Black Pearl Peppers. This little victory of “urban gardening,” should resonate around the globe, or at least our country. This is a wonderful return to the tradition of growing beautiful food and then sharing it with friends and neighbors. It filled me with pride to even have a little part in this “mother of all rituals,” sharing resources with people you value.

In this visit, I also met her gardening partner in crime, a literal friend of a friend, while waiting for the bag of beautiful veggies were being assimilated. I told her of my desire to operate a raised garden, as my back condition prevents me from digging around in the actual dirt, hands and knees stylie. She lit up with ideas before the conversation with her ended. It seems I may have a new mentor for gardening. We’ll see how that pans out, but I would be lying to say that I am not very optimistic for next year’s planting season. I have all winter to build my beds.

I will build a raised garden and grow food next year.

Something I love about myself is:

3. My physicality. Even with the spinal condition, I am fast, strong, a damn good drummer, a swordsman, I can sling a football well, swim well, make love very well, excel at physical therapy, shake hands firmly, and give bear hugs. Yes, I love my physicality.


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