Morning Meditations #2: Flowing on Research

I turned off my alarm and stared at the ceiling for an hour. This morning there is a sense of laziness in the air. I, on the other hand, will not be subject to this fog of undoing that can come for those on the last week of summer vacation (perhaps two, if you go to The University). I choose to work on my life and my writing toady because I have been a bit remiss. There has been a few days of laziness when it comes to my work. The short, four days of dearth in the country of my mind has left me with the urge to write again. I will get 100 words before 6:00, and now I have.

I want to touch your lips again. Last night I went through my entire progressive muscle relaxation routine from memory. The list is long and I won’t burden my readers with it, but I will say, except from one interrupting eruption of emotion, I am rather proud that before the week is out I am getting better at the technique.

IMG_0318My writing space is new. It is represented in a brand new photo that I took three minutes ’til 5:30 this very morning (yet another morning unlike any other, this seems to be habitual). I hope to use at least one book off of my newly stationed bookshelf which has almost never had a book lying on its top or within. I will use the dry erase board to untangle some of the snags I have run into while writing my novel. I will finish writing this novel, sooner than anyone predicted.

I am going to mow the lawn today. I love mowing the lawn. There is a type of zen or beta wave or harmony that it brings to me. There is also a new maple tree which sprouted from the yard amongst the grass without our assistance; quite a feat. This little sapling isn’t any taller than the grass surrounding it, yet thus far it survives my mother and her scissors, grazing insects, childrens’ feet, and the grasses it grows up with trying to take its water and nutriation (plenty of water for all the plants this year in our area). The maple is tall enough now that it stands a little above the grass once I have mowed, and it seems to be rejoicing. Over the last week two new red leaves have sprouted from its top. I’ll gauge the little beast’s health while mowing this morning.

I will study today. My research has been the one thing that suffered most about the decision to become healthier. Not suffered terribly, but slowed down to the point where it feels like I have only been able to research for fifty hours all summer. One work week. This will have to change if I am to be as busy as I want over the next few dozen centuries. I cannot wait to study today finding some necessary Flow.

I will meditate today, apart from and as well as the progressive relaxation therapy, I will meditate today. On what will I meditate?



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