Morning Meditations #1: A Morning Unlike Any Other

This new blog series is called “Morning Meditations.” This isn’t going follow the blog template of listing things that make me happy, or that I am grateful for, I am sure we’re all familiar . Yet, I have found that for my morning therapies and meditative themes, I desire something a little different. My goals for any time spent healing my mind and soothing my body are, rather than listing happinesses and thanks, to list the very goals and missions for my day, or perhaps week, or life. There is also the risk of writing some Stewart Smally’s type sentiment (look it up if you must).  

I hope to get a couple of things out of this theme in particular. One, they work towards my writing goals. Two, they let me focus on the healthy things. You know, ideas that come to my mind, places I want to go, experiences I want to have, books I want to read, loves I wish for, and anything along those lines.

Normally my writing follows the general rules for prose; I expect this endeavor to be similar although I am not ruling out the occasional lyrical break down, but on the whole, nobody need hold their breath for a run of poetics.

There also seems to be a trend with these types of posts of a photo of some sort. So, in the spirit of that meme, I will be taking a picture alongside my morning ritual. Something that captures the individual morning for me. So far, the sunrise itself is still a brilliant enough image to hold majesty and has been the focus of the pictures I have been assimilating for posts.

I will attempt to make these daily, but I would hate to let myself or anyone else down, specially as I am supposed to be dishing out hopes and dreams. So we’ll go with nigh-quotidian. Most days this will be a post of some kind I figure the blog could use some happiness and hopes as I have filled it with criticisms for over two years. Not that I have a problem with that. Quite the opposite to be honest.

I enjoy my nature, to challenge the ideas of others. As well, I relish the challenge of my own finding and compositions.

I invite my audience to embark on a new journey. I hope that I can find my humor, use my heart, and challenge myself all while imposing the true thesis of an endeavor like this—life.


I hope this morning is a morning unlike any other. I feel like I rested well. My new goal is 5:15 am every morning for the foreseeable future. My thinking is the earlier I get up the more time I will have to battle my daughter if she decides to rebel against me for bed and waking times as this, the Kindergarten Era, begins.

I don’t want a cigarette.

I don’t want a cigarette.

I look forward to coffee mornings. I have decided that not every morning can be a coffee morning. Can’t trade one addiction for another, and that is one of the hardest things when bailing on an addiction.

That has been the thing I’ve noticed most about the whole quitting process. I don’t want to smoke, but I want to replace that need with something, and I know that would be a mistake. People don’t talk about that enough in my opinion. Or maybe they do, and I haven’t been listening very well. I hope I can listen better.

I want to be financially stable, but I hate the way our system works. I have so little faith in it. I try so hard to create and produce good work and friendships for my fellow folks. It would seem that isn’t enough, yet we are reminded over and over by everyone around us that, “Yes!” indeed that is enough to be the most beautiful you, for you.

I don’t want this to be so hard.

I don’t want this to be too easy.

This morning I get to sit outside. I am facing west nearly an hour before dawn. I have already had an orange and a tall glass of water while writing the first hundred words of the day. I’ve decided to sit facing west for a non-holistic reason and chosen a personal stage for my morning meditations. The reason for the westward look is simple. As the planet rotates it gives the look of the sun traveling through the day. This is similar to all of us in the sense that we don’t actually get any “new days.” If you have stayed up the endless hours I have, then you would be all to aware of the truth that this is all one long experience of the universe. It continues, like our biological bodies without our control, while we sleep and let the “night” pass. But of course, and this is true past our planet, it is always daytime to somebody somewhere. I hope for regular sleep. I have done well for two nights in a row

 I hope to work hard at therapy, physical and cognitive. I want to feel better, to keep writing for the rest of my life, to play music for the rest of my life. A morning unlike any other in history—this morning. I am relaxed.


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