A Cry for Help

I am in a situation and need some help. So, I lost a bunch of financial aid this year trying to adjust to single parenthood, now that I have full custody of my daughter. Trying to work out classes, daycare, homework, regular work, etc. led to me having a failure of last spring’s semester, as a result, financial aid went down the toilet. I can recover, but I have to have two great semesters back to back. Then on to grad school and eventual professorship. My job at the library was discontinued, and Rebecca, my girlfriend of a year-and-a-half, left us a couple of weeks ago, leaving me without any income of her’s on which we were counting. I have to pay the U of A back $1600 before next I can enroll in next semester, and have $1300 in rent to finish out the year. I cannot go to any parental units, with dad’s retirement and still paying for my little sister’s tuition, and my mom already helping in every way she can, they are tapped, not to mention I still owe Pops 1K from a year ago, some legal fees from getting my daughter home and safe. I don’t have any private student loans out, but I think I need one to get us through the rest of the year. I have a couple already set up awaiting cosigner approval, which is what I am asking. I need a cosigner for a 6k loan getting me through the rest of this year and making sure I have a great start to next, ahead of the game, so I can start really saving and securing the future. This is not the only way I am willing to be helped either, just the only thing that I can think of to help myself. I am willing to pay off this loan first, or what ever else I can work out. If you think you can help message me at https://www.facebook.com/Coverdrums, or email me at rtvinson@uark.edu. I feel I deserve this chance and know my daughter does. Thank you.


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