Dinesh, Created to Cheat?

There is a disconnect of theory when something like this happens.  Why would a creationist feel the need to cheat at anything.  If each person was created by a higher power, or if one takes the attitude religious liberals, there is still little room for the desire to curb the outcome of any resultant event.  For the deeply religious, God(s) has a plan which is infallible, and this is guided by morality handed down through text and ritual.  Even the more liberal religious often feel the need to act, but know that the morality they practice is approved of by the higher powers.  Yet, we see what can happen when the religious take morality into their own hands.

I have spent several hours noticing Dinesh D’Souza show up from debate to debate struggling to argue the value of religious belief based on historical data.  His main argument often comes down the harm done by “atheist” governments and regime.  One could assume he would seek to argue that religion is an antidote or answer to these types of social failures, but that isn’t what he does.  Instead, he freely admits that great harm has been done with religion pulling the strings, although he does seem to believe that zeitgeists such as Nazi Germany are proof that purely secular states are more likely to lead down pathological roads.   In this clip he calls out Michael Shermer for sweeping the crimes of non-religious under the rug, yet refuses to acknowledge that Nazis wore a claim to God’s favor on their uniforms.  He doesn’t seem to think it is worth mentioning that U.S. politicians use religion, not to justify war, but to excuse an act of war. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8THErmMyxlQ) “God bless America,” after telling us that it is time to bomb people.  Dinesh even freely admits that he cannot know God exists, only that he believes without evidence–faith.  In saying that “there is a certain skepticism that unites the honest believer and unbeliever,” (7:23) he takes no position.  How can one have faith as a skeptic?  One could have a hunch, maybe, or a feeling.  Bias can render hypocrisy.  A fact which leaves no room for skepticism about itself.  So, into the present situation we see how much “faith” he really shows in behavior.

I am willing to admit that politics have a limited place in morality.  Thomas Paine writes that “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil,” in Common Sense.  With that in mind, I fall, as a skeptic, into the state of being that keeps me from feeling that an intrinsic factor of morality was broken here. My opinion here is irrelevant.  The fact of the matter is that as a Christian, Dinesh knew that what he was doing was dishonest and against the rules of campaigning.   The long and thought out decision to break the rules couldn’t have been by accident.  “‘It was a crazy idea, it was a wrong idea, it was a foolish idea,’ D’Souza said. ‘I regret breaking the law.'” (Brown)  I bet.  Everyone in his position is remorseful when they are caught in the act.  I think this shows a truth about many religious liberals.

The idea that one may twist religious ideals and doctrine to mean what they need them to fit is  as disingenuous as Dinesh himself.  Of course, disingenuous behavior is evident in most religious belief.  If everyone who was religious held to every idea that was in the doctrine they follow there would be constant death in the name of religion, well, there would be even more.  The reformation would not have happened, conversion of the Vikings and a dozens of other societies wouldn’t be in the history books, and the types of religions would not have changed and evolved like every other set of ideas throughout the ages.  The evolution of individuals own moral beliefs are just as complex.  This can be seen “after it was revealed [Dinesh] had become engaged to his mistress, Denise Joseph, while he was still married.” (Brown)  Not to imply that his ex-wife was someone that anyone could be married for any amount of time, yet the Christian doctrine that I am familiar with tends to condemn being married and then proposing to other people.  Although not every religion sees it the same, polygamy and polyandry exists here and there, yet in all of the hours of debate I’ve seen of Dinesh he never brought up having this belief.  In fact in reviews of writing this, I noticed that he doesn’t seem to talk much about his own moral standards or beliefs.  Could it be that he uses the religious position for political power plays in his various fields?  I guess only future behaviors will tell the truth about that.

Brown, Stephen R. “Dinesh D’Souza Gets 5 Years of Probation in Federal Manhattan Court              over Campaign Donations.” NY Daily News. N.p., 23 Sept. 2014. Web. 26 Sept.                      2014.


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