Hitchens Day

Welcome to the second annual Hitchens Day celebration. In case you were not a subscriber last year, Hitchens Day is a day of remembrance. I am mourning the loss of Christopher Hitchens, honored author and thinker, as well, celebrating what he stood for in life. I do this celebration by writing, posting, and commenting as much as possible all day long. I encourage those feeling the same, to do the same.

All of last year’s posts are still up and available on this page, one might have to scroll down a bit, but they are there. You can follow this event on Twitter, FB, and my blog. Here are the links to those sites.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NWAAtheists

Blog: https://anarkansasatheist.wordpress.com/

Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/nwaaeithests

This year I hope to continue to post about all of the things I think should and need to be shared with the world. Join me in this celebration of us, the ones that will carry on the torch of insightful people.

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