2.6 Billion-Year-Old Water Found in Deep Mine

2.6 Billion-Year-Old Water Found in Deep Mine

Yet another break through.  These moments when the earth, and indeed the universe, opens her doors giving us a peek into what may have made us gives me the fuel to keep going with my work.  This article provides some information about a pool of water and gas that is between 1 billion and 2.6 billion years old.  The find comes in the form of a Canadian mining operation, and the chemicals in this little chamber may reveal to us information that would predate all of the complex organisms we think of as animals.  The article states,”the water dates back to a time before the Great Oxygenation Event that filled Earth’s atmosphere with oxygen,” meaning that the life forms that could still exist here would be some of our earliest cousins on the Tree of Life.  They would share some of the same DNA that we posses,  but there would be vast differences as well, potentially opening the book on life forms that predate our branch.  Also opening the book on extraterrestrial life within and without our solar system.  Thank you Science Channel for publishing this on the Facebook news feed.  I cannot wait to hear the reports that will continue to come from this profound discovery.

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