Arkansas Public School Asked To Keep Prayer Out Of Graduation Cancels Ceremony

Arkansas Public School Asked To Keep Prayer Out Of Graduation Cancels Ceremony

So much for separation of church and state.  If you want your kids to graduate in a Christian, Islamic, or Buddhist ceremony send your kids to an institution that educates with that bias.  This was echoed by the article’s author, Stephen D. Foster Jr. when he states, “It’s a celebration of academic achievement after all, not a worship service. Likewise, graduation is not a religious event unless it’s at a private religious-run school.”  In this situation, had I a say in the matter, I would have had the secular graduation ceremony without the religious students.  Even if there were only three people walking it would have been worth it to stand on solid ground.  One of the lines that stood out to the author and to me was the statement by Kelly Adams, “We’re not trying to be pushy or ugly to anybody, we just want them to know there is a God who loves them.”  I think boycotting a graduation ceremony in a secular school, where she sent her kids in the first place, seems both pushy and ugly. Nobody asked the Christian kids to not attend because of their faith they merely told the students that prayer violates the separation of church and state.  Is this the worst case of child abuse anyone has ever observed, of course not.  Yet, it is just another slice of evidence.  This Arkansas atheist could not just stand by and say nothing after reading this unfortunate account of segregation.  I hope that others in the community will be disappointed as well, and will speak out against displays of unreasonable behavior such as this for the good of all of our kids and their futures.


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