An Atheist Mother’s Promise

An Atheist Mother’s Promise

We all need to be thankful for parents like this.  The bravery and commitment to being great people without the need of dogmatic outcome needs to be in more and more press.  The thing that I liked best about this article, outside of its moving sentiment, is the admission of not needing a guide.  The article speaks to the idea of using our interaction with other people and the understanding of those interactions to enable parents around the world to teach our children well.  Free of a moral guide that is thousands of years old, out of date, and not that strong to begin with we are elevated.  Depending instead upon the good will of others and the need for greater social growth.  I raise my glass to this conciseness parent, and agree with all my heart as I attempt to do the same thing this couple is doing, thus raising my daughter to be a great thinker with out the need to tell her what to think.  Tessa Tinny, I salute you.


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