The ultimate dumb atheist-bashing article

If anything, much of the movement has been, not to soft atheism, but to anti-theism. As more reports of injustice and pain come from religious sources anyone can notice, the negative seeks to outpace the positive. For every donation to charity of money or time, lives get destroyed by fundamentalist basket-cases. The only thing that can be said is that some of us that are younger and newer to the fight for open minds realize that compassion can work to win some minds, not that the older thinkers of “New Atheism” did not employ this tactic, but that it may seem because of their focus on reporting data they may have come of to some as a bit more unfeeling. Anyone on social media knows that atheists are stronger and more upset than ever before. We all make our ripples in the pond the best way we can, is your information making people better or worse. I saw a post today telling people that God was a person’s peace, strength, etc. Where as my posts tell people to take control of your life and make those emotions and traits your own. Take back your mind and realize that those things were good twenty thousand years before Yahweh ever took the scene, thousands of years before any god. You do not need it brothers and sisters, friends and enemies, you only need to look within to know the truth of what is right and wrong.

Why Evolution Is True

As you know if you’ve followed this site for the past two months or so, the media have taken it upon themselves to declare the end of the Era of New Atheism. The time of the Four Horseman is gone, they say. Dawkins is now irrelevant, and New Atheism is giving sway to a kinder, gentler movement that is not only less “strident,” but more friendly to religion.

I see no reason for this declaration save the desire of journalists to create a controversy where none exists, and their sneaking suspicion, based on living in religious countries, that there must be something good about faith.

If you want to see this “trend creation” in its full flower and ugliness, have a look at the new article by Theo Hobson in The Spectator:Richard Dawkins has lost: meet the new atheists” (subtitle: “Secular humanism is recovering from its Dawkinsite phase…

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