The First Post of Many

Welcome to “An Arkansas Atheist,” this is my blog for the “Northwest Arkansas Atheists” Facebook page.  There this is for some of my more personal messages and from time to time I imagine my articles will end up here.  Not only will some of my journalism bugs sneak onto this page, but I will from time to time also use this page for my fiction updates.  Most of you know that my fiction, for the most part, know that my fiction uses my atheism as inspiration and platform.  My message of morality, outside of any faith in supernatural creators and/or overseers, is abundant within my writing whether reporting or creating.  Feel free to comment on anything on the Facebook or this blog, I enjoy debate and study everyday towards the goals of a dogmatically free society where doing good for your neighbors and yourself becomes self-evident.  I have been heard many times saying that if you need something to prod you along to doing good for people because it is good, you already have issues that may need help from some kind of professional, i.e.: psychological or medical.  We are meant to come together as a specie, so that is why we have such a draw to form community even when it would seem that may hinder personal gain.  We need each other.  The out-grouping instinct did help our specie in the natural selection vein, as we used that competition to hone in the human specie’s ability to become smarter and stronger than the competition (other humanoids and predators) allowing us to evolve into the apex land predator of this era.

I have also been heard saying that I am an Anti-theist.  I do believe that trusting imaginary moral guidelines to do all the heavy lifting when questioning how you should decide to live your life can be incredibly dangerous.  Especially when considering the out-group instinct is still very strong in our minds (just look at human response to sport teams).  This means we are likely to choose going along with rules set by these imaginary agents that are worshiped by many, but they are led by a Church or some kind or spiritual authority that claims to “know the mind of God.”  These institutions are designed by humans, not divine persona, and they are also maintained by humans.  This means that they formed a group, and then set to the business of growing their group.  Other humans made their groups and then, bam!, you have the potential for out-group mentality instead of sharing ideas and power for the greater good.  This is only one example of the roots my anti-theistic work is based upon.  There are many more.

These are the ideas that guide my writing and thinking most of the time these days.  If these subjects interest you please chime in with any comments or research that will add to the collection of information I have already collected.  The Facebook address is:  There are already several book titles and YouTube videos by many of the scientists and educators that share some values with me on the Facebook page please check it out and engage in this very important issue.  – Rance

9 thoughts on “The First Post of Many

  1. I am curious about one thing; it sounds like you really didn’t leave the church. You more or less grew up and in the process didnt like a few things and really you only believed in what your parents (who didnt really seem to active anyway) thought. You mention nothing of saying the prayer and coming from a baptist church you undoubtably felt the need to be saved every sunday. So I guess I just wonder what has provoked the active quest to support a position that is opposite from a position you never really held in high esteem anyway. That is curious to me because most who are active atheist do so out of spite or some form of rebellion. You are unique in that you seem well rounded mature with no baggage. So this is simply an interesting topic and you enjoy good conversation? That is interesting because I nearly stopped believing myself but the more I learned aboit physics, quantum mechanics and light (the science not the bulb) the more I saw God in this world. It was science that lead me back to God in a way. Just my take though.

    • There is more to come of course, but it is true what you say. I always knew that the Baptist teachings were full of holes. More and more became evident. I wasn’t rebelling against anyone. The more I looked, the more I knew that something was wrong with that institution. Then you learn about other religions that are far more dangerous in our era and know things don’t add up. I rebelled against faith and trust in an all loving maker that would make such a awful place as this planet. I admit, as you will soon read, I hated God in my twenties. With full belief that he was still around and a burning spite for him. As far as the science I don’t understand how someone can see a creator via the quantum, except that they want too. Settling for the answer rather than seeking one that is tangible. I suppose that separates the faith-filled and the atheists. You are allowed to see what I cannot, assuming he exists, or your agent finding instincts are telling you something is there when it is just the quantum doing its thing.

      • Ok I can see the reasoning, but you forget or have not been made aware of the unconditional terms in the God of the bible. Unconditional applies both to positive and negative, a fact even in science and what would be called a constant; such as light being the only constant in our universe as God who called Himself light is the same. So if God is unconditional and deoes not break his word and said man has free will then it stands to reason that god will not go back on that word even if man chooses to do extreme evil. As far as destruction of all men, he kind of promised after Noah that he wouldn’t that again for a period of time. So men who only think of unconditional as a positive, well that is simply not the case. You cannot change what cannot be changed and God as light both cannot change. As for quantum, it is obvious by the fact that on the quantum level man is dumbfounded to explain a single principle, nothing on that level can be explained by man. Kind of like God was saying, like my word cannot be discerned because it is spiritual and makes no sense to the natural mind, I hid a few things you for you to discover that will defy all known physical laws. And as for the big bang, it is theorized that all life began when light exploded, via something so small it could not be seen by the natural eye yet its mass was incalculable. In the beginning the earth was ‘without form’ kind of like God already stated this but mans just discovering it. Also the ice belt that orbits our universe, our seas are assumed to have come from one of these ice asteroids,we only discovered this recently but in genesis 1 it says god divided the waters via an expanse. There is more but the thing is, every form god used to describe himself is exactly like who he is. Light is constant, love is unconditional like light, etc… we didnt know these things until recently and in fact god like light is still mostly a mystery to man. 🙂

      • You are very good at spinning the Bible message to match up with what scientists are reporting. I like that. Once again it shows that the agent finding capabilities of our specie is top notch. I read the oceans divided by and expanse to only mean the great expanse of land that divides the oceans. The speed of light is constant but the direction is not, not to mention that what we consider light is only a tiny fraction of the EMS and that is what moves with a constant. You misspoke on the “ice belt orbits the universe,” I believe you are referring to the Oort Cloud. The hazy body of comets that surrounds the solar system, but I get your point. In the beginning a clay pot is without form until it is sculpted, and we can plug all kinds of allegorical maddnesses into that little parable. Life and light don’t come together as far as we know thus far, I suppose anything is possible, but if one buys the physics than DNA based life couldn’t have existed for millions of years until the universe cooled to a reasonable point in order for hydrogen to coagulate from the quantum bits. Finely, nobody would have bought the story in the first place if the people that stood to gain from proliferation of the Abrahamic faiths would have said, “we have all the answers, so give us your money and let us lead you.” Every good story teller knows you must let the peoples imagination do much of your work for you. Not saying that I buy any of what I just said at face value, but just offering the point that if I wrote a New New New Testament I could pull off all that stuff too. It doesn’t provide any evidence. Faith is an internal based behavior, in cannot be shared or proven, except by neuroscience which has already explained things like déjà vu. I imagine in a short amount of time (if they don’t already) neuroscientists will be able to turn faith off and on like they do with déjà vu.

      • Great points aboit light. Thanks the ‘oort’ cloud that name is difficult to remember. As for light being constant in speed, yes indeed, as for direction changes, well that still fits due the number of times god was sorry he made man and finally god promised he would not flood the earth again. Like I said on my site, the actual proving God “is” is between a man and God. Only god opens the eyes and as of yet I can only assume it requires one being ‘poor in spirit’ but you changed my mind again if the knowledge you just shared is on your site I am going to read it all because I love science. and even though you spin god out… well I spin him in 🙂 So I sincerely thank you – do you have any spins on how Moses put so many laws in the “law” that if followed prevented disease? Like the cracked pot must be thrown out if used kept them from sickness by preventing the meat diseases and manymany more? Remember that Moses was not raised by Israelites and the rremedies Egyptions used never made it into the law moses wrote. This is interesting to me also and since you are very informative I would enjoy your take onthat one. And this is purely information, I have no designs of convincing you, I believe that is why I am able to remain civilwhile other believers get angry. I have to much respect for what others believe even if it foesnt match the truth as I see it. Peace

      • Oh and I am not sure what verse you read and because you did not quote the verse I read, Genesis 1:7-8 (waters under the firmament from waters above… and cslled the firmament heaven) of course you no doubt have a translation that removes this but then in verse 9 he gathered the water under the firmament in one place and let dry land appear. And as you no we are aware that the land was connected at one time and continants shifted and land divided. Also I get the impression you think the binle says thecearth is 5, 000 years old. It does not say that, man created that myth. If you read carefully you will see no time period mentioned from Adam to the act of disobedience. The reason for this is simple because records were noy needed since God was able to walk with man and death was unknown so a recorded history would have been moot since our capicity to use our spirit was correctly working as god designed.

      • You are correct I used the King James version from Google Apps which corresponds very nicely to the King James study Bible I have. I agree with your assessment on the age of the earth. That was a contrivance from men as soon as Geology became a scientific discipline people started trying to apply it to the religious texts. More desperate attempts to justify belief. Not sure what you are getting at with the quotes from Genesis 6-9. Obviously the authors would have equated the sky to the dome formations in rock and in architecture. Especially because the people that were the actual targets of the stories would have needed a shape to give them a better mental picture of what might have happened in the beginning. The models for the beginning of Earth using the comet delivery system have plate tectonics already existing before the bulk of the water arrived over the first billion years of earth history. That water would have pooled in small places and given rise to tiny sub-continental islands that eventually coalesced into larger continents and since then we have had a series of major mega-continents: Ur, Kenorland, Nuna, Rodinia, Pannotia, Pangaea ( Wiki was the easiest place for me to reference although please don’t stop there geology text books will truly open up the subject. There would be no divide or separation, but instead, a slow gradual building of oceans and continents. There would be no divide in light and dark as the EMS developed many phases since the big bang (which I don’t absolutely buy, but the models predict a single point, and that does make some sense although I am more of a big bounce thinker. That makes more sense to my tiny ape brain). What we think of as light was just a cooling transition before infrared waves and then on to radio or “short wave.” It is easier to put a figure head on top of this madness of life the universe and everything (sorry as a proper atheist I had to reference Douglas Adams). That is why religion is so pervasive you take that coupled with standard human fear and boom! You have a control system that has been evolving for, likely, a couple hundred thousand years. Ample time for a specie to propagate and change to fit the new climates, people, and places.

  2. Thank you for your inputs, I do see the message now as you continue to write. You do indeed despise religion, and rightly so, I do despise it as well because religion is what man thinks God is like without actually knowing what God is like. There are over 40,000 denominations of churches that claim Jesus is Lord, and that number is staggering when you take into account the number of baptist churches alone in most small towns in America. Even within the denomination, man cannot put differences aside and love each other. Hence, man continues to manipulate God’s word in efforts to turn each other against what another has said or did. And, as you sort of stated, since you believe the bible itself is a manipulation tactic of such men, I wish you well, and hope you find peace as you continue to fight against the prejudices of men who abuse other men in attempts to justify what they think is right. It is sad that supposed bible users do not understand the golden rule of God’s law, love one another. Instead we choose to fight one another simply because we cannot agree on doctrine. Love has no doctrine, is is simple and effective, but it demands selflessness, and that is not possible for those who choose to promote what they believe with tactics of force or threats of destruction. The world is gaining speed on anti-Christ organizations, and soon even in america the gospel will be condemned. To me that will be a glorious day, the day when God finally lets unbelievers have their way. 🙂

    • I think we are on the same page as far as making the world the best possible place for friends, family, and the general population of the planet. To that I will always say “Cheers!” Hopefully I will be one of those nonbelievers leading the movement, condemnation of the Bible is not the goal, just reading it as it should be read. A wonderful piece of literature with many lessons for ill and good, like any great artifact from human history.

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